Santa Monica DoubleTree Wins Union After 16 Years

Hotel workers from the Santa Monica Doubletree and community allies gathered on June 13th at 4:30 outside City Hall to announce that, after 16 years, they are joining the hospitality workers union, UNITE HERE Local 11.




Housekeeper Maria Cortez was pregnant when they launched their organizing drive in 2001. Now her daughter Stephanie is about to enter her senior year at Santa Monica High.


“I am so proud of how my mother and her coworkers worked to win respect and dignity at their workplace,” said Stephanie Cortez. “I grew up on the picket line. These women are like my second family. I am so inspired by their perseverance, and now I’m so happy that they finally won their union!”

Throughout campaign, the Santa Monica community rallied behind the 83 workers—predominantly immigrant women—as they sought dignity, good salaries, benefits, and job security. Local activists, clergy, and political leaders like Kevin McKeown and Tony Vazquez will all celebrate this victory today.


ACTION ALERT: Stand with Muslims (Saturday), LGBTQ People (Sunday) and Immigrants (Monday)!

Please join CLUE as we stand in deep solidarity with vulnerable communities during a critical weekend!

1. SATURDAY at 10AM: Be a face of love and #SacredResistance at an anti-Muslim protest in San Bernardino

Especially if you have experience in nonviolent counter-protest, we need you to join us in spreading a message of love this Saturday. Here are some ideas for nonviolent counter-protest from a different effort. Please also practice protest safety.  

2. SUNDAY starting at 7AM: Join The LA Pride #ResistMarch

CLUE Proudly marches with the LGBTQ community—us, our brothers, our sisters—at this year’s Pride event in LA. This is our first time, and we know that there is the urgency of now to protect all the progress created in Los Angeles and beyond. Please join us on the steps of Hollywood United Methodist Church (6817 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90068) at about 7:45am to march under the CLUE banner, alongside ELCA (Lutheran), Episcopalian, and Methodist leaders.  Feel free to join them for a prayer service there beginning at 7am.

3. MONDAY at 6PM: Help the Small City of Cudahy Stand for Sanctuary in the Face of Hate!

The residents of Cudahy have been attacked and harassed by Trump supporters and hate groups attending their city council meetings over the city's sanctuary policies for immigrants. The next city council meeting is at June 12th at 6:30 PM at Clara Park Turner Hall (4835 Clara Park Street, Cudahy, CA 90201) and the groups have asked for our support before and during the meeting. We are planning to bring people, media, Know Your Rights fliers, and legal observers - and we would like more allies to attend this event with us. 

UPDATE: If you can, please arrive as early as 4pm to fill the parking lot and meeting room with supporter of sanctuary-- embody the reality that there is NO ROOM FOR HATE! 

One More-- TODAY: Please Donate to Bring Erik Home!

Erik Hernandez arrived to the US as an unaccompanied minor and was immediately and cruelly detained on his 18th birthday. Erik's relatives are waiting to bring him into their home, but they are not able to pay the $1500 bond. Please give what you can.


Thank you for standing with us alongside vulnerable people at this critical time.

Three Denominations Declare Sanctuary in Our Region

Embracing Sacred Resistance, CLUE-networked clergy have been leading their denominations toward meaningful response to inhumane immigration policies. We stand with the following groups in declaring sanctuary in Los Angeles and beyond!

Diocese_of_LA_Logo.jpg1. The Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles

In December of 2016, with the strong influence of CLUE board member Rev. Francisco Garcia, The Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles blazed a trail by declaring itself a "Sanctuary Diocese"-- the first known declaration of its kind in the contemporary Sanctuary movement. This raised some questions: what does it mean to be a "Sanctuary Diocese"? How does it work? In response, the EDLA prepared these FAQ's. 

>> Read Their FAQ's >>


2. The ELCA Lutheran Southwest California Synod

On Thursday, June 1st, 2017, the regional synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America voted to become a Sanctuary Synod.  CLUE board member Rev. Stephanie Jaeger says, "Just wanted to thank CLUE for being the incubator for the local Lutheran commitment to protecting and working with undocumented persons," and we are so grateful to be able to work with denominations to do just that.  

>> Read Their Resolution >>

UCC_SCNC.jpg3. The UCC Southern California-Nevada Conference

On Saturday, June 3rd, two became three as the regional conference of the United Church of Christ voted for a sanctuary resolution proposed by CLUE staff member Rev. Andy Schweibert. The resolution outlines the current status of our immigrant communities as well as the UCC church's history of commitment to those families. 

>> Read Their Resolution >>

Declaring Sanctuary is only the beginning, but it is such a significant start! With that in mind, we're only left with one question for the rest of our networks: Who's next?

Action Checklist: Mid- June 2017

  • THURSDAY, JUNE 15TH: Press Conference and Rally In Support of Adelanto Hunger Strikers - RSVP ON FB

  • SATURDAY, JUNE 17TH: WALNUT: Community Coffee with Senator Newman and Walnut City Council - SEE FLYER

  • TUESDAY, JUNE 20TH: God Behind Bars: An Interfaith Pilgrimage to Visit People in Immigration Detention - SEE FLYER

  • WEDNESDAY, JULY 19TH: Save the Date to Attend Romulo Avelica's Next Deportation Hearing - WATCH VIDEO

  • Watch and Share a Short Documentary about Predatory Lending and one Fight Against It - WATCH VIDEO

  • Receive CLUE's Training to Train Others in Nonviolent Civil Disobedience and Resistance  - REQUEST MORE INFO

SPECIAL UPDATE: CA AB-784 Dies; Fight Against Predatory Lending Continues

For almost three months, CLUE staff and clergy have worked in support of a State bill that would cap the interest rate of high-dollar loans. Currently, there is no legal cap on most loan types, and about half of these loans have interest rates of over 100%, trapping vulnerable people in debt cycles that are so difficult to overcome.

Assembly Bill 784 would have capped these loans at a moderate interest rate and taken other measures to curb their predatory nature. It recently passed out of the banking committee and was heard at the Assembly Appropriations committee last Friday. Unfortunately, it did not pass out of appropriations.

This is not the end. We will continue to work for State legislation, keeping a close eye for similar bills to support, and we will also shift our focus to policy and local organizing efforts at the County level.

While AB 784 did not pass, here is what WAS accomplished…

  • A rate cap passed the banking committee for the first time since payday lending was legalized here in 1997!
  • We put this issue front and center for the Speaker and Appropriations’ Chair to consider. We hope to build off of that to get new chairmanship on the banking committees
  • We killed the dollar financial bill (Gipson's AB1609)
  • We killed another finder bill (SB297)
  • We built up a huge and diverse coalition of civil rights, faith-based, and community organizations
  • We know who our targets are for next time around, and who our friends are
  • We made the industry spend a ton of money fighting this
  • We have Assembly member Matt Dababneh on record supporting consumer protection and using the term “predatory lending”
  • We have Assembly member Dababneh on record submitting an amendment that would have allowed lenders to continue business as usual 
  • This bill could have been killed by appropriations with no record of Dababneh’s amendment, but because of the close attention paid to the process, this was brought to light

CLUE leaders and coalition partners have a lot to be proud of, and we have a firm foundation from which to build. This will be an ongoing fight, as so many of these are. We will rejoice in the victories, and regroup with careful discernment after set-backs.

Thank you all for your continued partnership on this issue. 

CLUE Guide to the CA Religious Freedom Act (SB 31)

What is the California Religious Freedom Act?

The California Religious Freedom Act (SB 31) will aid in CLUE’s Sacred Resistance and Sanctuary work. SB-31 Prohibits any “state or local agency or public employee from providing or disclosing to the federal government personal information regarding a person’s religious beliefs, practices, or affiliation” when this information would be used for comprising a database tracking the religious values and identifications of individuals within the state of California (SB 31, 2016).  SB 31 also prohibits any state agency from using their resources to assist with any government program(s) that seek to compile a religious affiliation database (Sb 31, 2016).

State and local agencies would not be allowed to collect any personal data about individuals regarding their religious affiliation, beliefs or practices. Law enforcement agencies would also be prohibited from using any of their resources to assist in any federal religious registration acts (SB 31, 2016). 

What will happen when it becomes law?

   This bill will terminate any existing collection or databases of information regarding the religious affiliations, practices or beliefs of any individuals.

       This bill is in response to the current Islamophobia which has undertaken the U.S. under the current federal government. It would add further safeguards for individuals of all religious affiliations to privacy, security and freedom to believe and worship as they wish. This act would also decrease discrimination based on religious affiliation by eliminating this information from state databases.

What is the current standing of this act?

On April 3, 2017, SB-31 was adopted as an urgency clause and passed through the Senate with 36 ayes and 0 noes. It was then ordered to the Assembly where it is currently being held at the desk. There is currently no set date for the Assembly’s first reading of the bill, but it is estimated that it will be read towards the end of May. To keep up to date with the current status of the bill, click here.

What can we do to support it?

Write to, call, or email your local assembly member who represents your district and ask them to vote “YES” on SB-31. Explain the urgency of this bill for your own community and how their constituents will directly benefit from this bill. Click here to find your local legislative representative. It is vital that only assembly members be called as the Senate has already voted.

In addition, you can add your name to the following petitions:

  • The Electronic Frontier Foundation’s petition in support of SB-31. Click here to sign.  This petition allows you to send a personal letter to your assembly member who represents you.
  • The Credo petition for SB-31. Click here to sign.
  • The Courage Campaign’s petition in support of the bill. Click here to sign.



May Day in Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Anaheim

Dear Friend,

  • Love, not hate!
  • Inclusion, not Exclusion!
  • Godliness, not Godlessness!
  • Dignity, not Demoralization!
  • Life, not Death!

Please join faith leaders, workers, community, advocates and local officials standing in solidarity with our immigrant communities at this critical time.

Under the new administration, all of us-- immigrants, minorities, workers, people of conscience --are experiencing real pain; new policies threaten our families, our viability, our humanity.

Your support is needed today, perhaps more than ever in our lifetimes. 

Three marches, one vision: Resistance!

CLUE adds the word SACRED to our community's resistance to oppressive measures, as we know that our resistance must be rooted in a commitment to love and have compassion for all people, grounded in the holy spaces and uplifting conversations that our community's have built.

Choose the march closest to you!

Downtown Los Angeles: 11am

  • May 1st Immigrant Rights March: A Day of Resistance
  • MacArthur Park on Alvarado & Wilshire 
  • CLUE GATHERING:  10:00am- 10:45amOutside MacArthur Park, Metro Exit on Alvarado.  We will join other Faith-Based groups, such as the Episcopal Diocese and Bend The Arc: A Jewish Partnership for Justice.  Look for the CLUE Banner!

Anaheim: 11am, Pearson Park

  • May Day March and Rally
  • From the organizers: "Join the Orange County Labor Federation on International Workers Day for a march and rally. Stand UNITED with union brothers and sisters as we continue to fight for equality, fairness, respect, and dignity for all workers."
  • Noon - 4pm: Informational Fair
  • CLUE GATHERING:  Meet at St. Boniface Catholic Church, 120 N Janss St. Anaheim, CA 92805 at 11am

Long Beach: 5pm

  • Rally and March at MacArthur Park  (same name, but in Long Beach!)
  • This is a welcoming and family-friendly social justice march to honor International Workers Day and Immigrant Rights. Join us on May 1stfor this day of action. 
  • MacArthur Park, 1321 E. Anaheim, Long Beach
  • CLUE GATHERING:  At MacArthur Park!
  • For more information

Celebrate the triumph of the human spirit over hatred, in the streets, in our #SacredResistance!


Rabbi Jonathan Klein

CLUE and HTA Recruit Black Workers for a Strong Job Sector


UNITE HERE Local 11's Hospitality Training Academy is actively seeking African American participants who are seeking jobs in hotels, event centers, and airports. CLUE is activating our clergy networks to help. 

Union hospitality jobs are often well-compensated positions with opportunities for career advancement. But African American representation in hotels, event centers, and airports has steeply declined in the last twenty years. "I worked in the hospitality industry for 35 years, and I witnessed it personally," says recruiter Evangelist Denise Edwards. 

Recruiter Bob Farrell, also a member of the Black Community Clergy Labor Alliance, says, "It is one of the major economic units in Los Angeles and Orange Counties, and for us not to be part of it is just a result of a range of historic and cultural factors beyond our individual control." Pastor Donald Wilson makes it clear that the purpose of the recruitment drive is "not to push the current workforce out, but that we be inclusive in this work again." 

The Training Academy covers a wide range of job skills and even preparation for the interviewing process. Almost 40 people recently graduated from the Academy's first class and are now preparing for job interviews, according to HTA Director of Operations Maggie Mireles.

CLUE organizer Guillermo Torres invites the community not only to tell African American job seekers about the HTA, but also to join in advocacy at the city level. He describes an opportunity to demand that hotel developers commit to diverse community hiring before they even obtain their building permits from the city. 

These interviews took place on April 4th, the day we remember the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. All participants voiced a strong connection to the history of Black worker justice. 


Watch the interviews:

Pastor Donald Wilson, Diversity Organizer for UNITE HERE

Evangelist Denise Edwards 

Bob Farrell of the BCCLA 

Maggie Mireles, HTA Director of Operations

Action Checklist - End of April

  • THURSDAY, APRIL 20th: CLUE's Black-Brown Clergy-Community Coalition meets at 1:30 PM - REQUEST INFO


  • FRIDAY, APRIL 21st: CLUE's Black-Jewish Justice Alliance meets at 10:30 AM - REQUEST INFO


  • TUESDAY, APRIL 25th: Orange County's Monthly CLUE Clergy-Community Gathering - RSVP ON FB


  • THURSDAY, APRIL 27th: CLUE Pasadena Committee Meets at 10 AM - REQUEST INFO


  • THURSDAY, APRIL 27th: CLUE Long Beach Committee Meets at 10am - REQUEST INFO



  • THURSDAY, MAY 25TH: Join CLUE's annual Giants of Justice: A Celebration of Sacred Resistance - RSVP TODAY





  • Speak out against a raw development deal for the Hollywood community -  SIGN THE PETITION


  • Share the CAIR Reporting Page with your Muslim/AMEMSA friends on Social Media - GO TO THE FORM


  • Empower our initiatives to organize alongside workers and the vulnerable - DONATE TODAY

CLUE Guide to the Healthy California Act (SB 562)

What is SB-562?

SB 562 is designed to address the current healthcare crisis in the U.S. to ensure that California residents will be provided with comprehensive health care and coverage for all their medical needs. It will ensure that all residents of the state have a right to health care. This bill will combat the rising healthcare costs to individuals, employers and taxpayers as well as the restricted access to coverage.

The Healthy California Act has 8 major proponents (Healthy California, 2017):

  1. Guarantee of healthcare to ALL California Residents.

  2. Beneficiaries can choose any provider with a proposed no out-of-pocket costs for covered services.

  3. Medicare Part B co-pays will be eliminated.

  4. Lower prescription drug costs.

  5. Advances from the Affordable Care Act will be improved upon.

  6. Less emphasis on “insurance company bureaucracy” which will decrease bill collectors and “company run-around.”

  7. Payroll and income premium will replace current insurance company premiums, co-pays and deductibles essentially eliminating large premium increases.

  8. A diverse group of advisors and designers will come together to create the program to ensure a holistic approach.


What will happen when it becomes law?

According to Healthy California (2017), “When enacted, the Healthy California Act will guarantee that every resident of California will receive comprehensive healthcare services. It’s like Medicare for All. Individuals will have free choice of licensed health professionals and services. Covered benefits will include services to keep people healthy—mentally and physically—as well as those services that diagnose and treat diseases. In addition to emergency services, surgeries, and hospital stays, services such as home health care, day care and hospice are covered. Vision and dental care are also included. The Healthy California Act has been crafted to provide a single high standard of safe, therapeutic care for all California residents in a manner that is financially sustainable.”  Click here to learn more.

SB-562 will essentially combat health care reforms taking place at the federal level in hopes that all Californians can continue to have health care and provide further coverage to those who do not currently have access to adequate healthcare.


What is the current standing of this act?

SB 562 is in the State Senate (current as of 4/18). It has been read twice and amended both times. It has been referred to the Committee on Health and is set for their input on April 26, 2017Join the coalition in the State Capital on 4/26 to help pass SB 562!


What can we do to support it?

  1. Write to, call or email your local Senator who represents your district and ask them to vote YES on SB-562. Explain the urgency of this bill for your own community and how their constituents will directly benefit from this bill during your call/letter. Click here to find your local legislative representative. It is vital that only Senators be called at this time, as they are the ones who are currently responsible for voting for this act. If the bill passes in the Senate on April 25, then Assembly Members should be called.

  2. Join in support through signing the pledge and stating to assist in the process of this act. Click here to join the official campaign.

  3. Share your health care story to help everyone see the need for a universal healthcare system which provides coverage for everyone. Click here to share your own story.


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