Building a Just and Sacred Society

CLUE brings together clergy and lay leaders of all faiths with the marginalized, the unheard, and the least protected—low-wage workers—in the cause of a just economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top.

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Working For Justice

CLUE supports hospitality workers in their sacred struggle to “live where we work.”

Keep Up-to-Date on Hospitality Workers’ Struggle to Live Where We Work!

CLUE stands with hospitality workers in their sacred struggle for dignity, justice, and fair work. Keep up to date with their efforts and find out how you can join them.

6/15/203 CLUE prays with Amazon delivery drivers during their one-day strike to protest retaliation and the coming loss of their jobs.

CLUE Stands with Amazon Delivery Drivers

CLUE joined Yvonne Wheeler from LA County Federation of Labor, LAANE, and other community supporters at a rally and one-day strike at the Amazon warehouse in Palmdale.

CLUE educates, organizes, and mobilizes the interfaith community to accompany low-wage workers, immigrants, and communities of color in their struggles for dignity, justice, and fair work.

Dignity for Immigrants

On October 4, over 60 people, including CLUE clergy, congregated outside of the Federal Building near Downtown Santa Ana to protest the horrible treatment of Haitian Asylum Seekers at the Texas-Mexico border. Partners including the Haitian Bridge Alliance, CHIRLA OC, CAIR-LA, OCRRN, OCCCO, and many others gathered to give a press conference about the inhumane actions against black immigrants.

Jose Preciado, Lead Cook at Laguna Cliffs Marriott celebrates a win for workers!

Hotel Workers Win!

I used to feel so much stress. Managers made us work so hard, they gave us too many things to do in eight hours, the work of 2 or 3 people, and if you couldn’t finish you would get in trouble. They made us feel like we were slaves. I came home from work every day so sad and tired that my kids would ask, “What’s wrong Daddy. Is everything okay?”

Rising with Kingspan Workers for Good Jobs, Safe Workplaces, and Healthy Communities

Kingspan Workers

Workers in the Kingspan Light + Air skylight manufacturing plant endure hazardous working conditions and earn poverty wages. They deserve clean air and a responsive employer. You can join their struggle.

The Power of Our Advocacy

We cultivate a network of more than 900 religious leaders, partnering with allied community organizations and labor unions to advocate for better working conditions, and with lawmakers to establish policies that improve a lot of workers and their families.

How You Can Make An Impact

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CLUE keeps our fingers on the pulse of a multitude of justice campaigns throughout Los Angeles County and Orange County, and organizes people of all faiths to respond to those crying out for accompaniment. We encourage you to join our rapid-response network of clergy and lay leaders by signing up for our periodic action alerts. We will notify you of urgent actions or opportunities to provide pastoral care, near you.

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Your presence alone can truly make a difference in the struggles of marginalized people, but everyone is called to “show up” in different ways. Connect now with one of our Faith-Rooted Organizers to find out how your unique skills and gifts of faith can be harnessed in our movement to build Beloved Community.