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CLUE: Building a Just and Sacred Society

CLUE brings together clergy and lay leaders of all faiths with workers, immigrants and low-income families in the cause of a just economy that works for all and protects those most vulnerable.

We cultivate a network of more than 900 religious leaders, partnering with allied community organizations and labor unions to advocate for better working conditions, with lawmakers to establish policies that improve the lot of workers and their families, and with developers to demand agreements that require community benefits.

Our broad coalition includes all faith traditions: Catholics, Christian Evangelicals, Muslims, Jews, historic African-American churches, Unitarian Universalists, Buddhists, Spanish-speaking Pentecostals, and Korean congregations, among others. All of us share a commitment to enlarging the table at which social policy decision-makers sit so that it can accommodate the most vulnerable among us, including workers, immigrants, and low-income families. If you share this commitment, join us!

You can: 

Join a CLUE committee

Attend our protests/events

Become an intern or fellow


We look forward to seeing you among us,
helping to advance the cause of justice that all religions believe in.


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