Because of you, low-wage workers aren’t left to struggle for dignity and justice alone.

Solidarity is sacred. Here’s how you provide the fuel.

  • Develop opportunities to educate clergy and lay leaders on the experience, strength, and hope of workers, immigrants, and communities of color
  • Train congregants in non-violence, faith-rooted organizing, civil disobedience, and advocacy at all levels of government
  • Turn out faith leaders and community members for actions of prophetic witness in the cause of economic justice
  • Create opportunities for pastoral care and direct support for low-wage workers, immigrants, and communities of color

Your gift to CLUE ensures that religious leaders can continue to come together to support hotel housekeepers, warehouse workers, healthcare workers and other essential workers in the struggle for dignity, safety, and an economy that works for everyone!

PS – If you want to set up a monthly donation through your bank account and don’t feel comfortable working through an automated interface, please drop Jacki Weber a line!