Justice for Immigrant Workers and Families

Justice for Immigrant Workers and Families

For far too long, immigrants have been among the most vulnerable workers in this country, whether they have legal status or not.

As a result, much of CLUE’s advocacy work centers on accompanying immigrant families when they are in jeopardy, standing with them when they speak truth to power, and supporting policies and laws that welcome them and their contributions.

CLUE works with immigrant rights organizations on several initiatives, including training rapid responders to bear witness when immigration raids occur in our neighborhoods, visiting immigrants in detention and working to bond them out, and speaking out locally and at the state level for measures that let immigrants work and worship without police harassment, whether on our sidewalks, in our ports, or anywhere in our community.

Shut Down Adelanto

The asylum seekers are then held in privately run immigration prisons, where they await their case decisions and have little chance of tapping any support networks or finding attorneys to represent them.

Unlike in the criminal system, people facing an immigration judge are not entitled to an attorney to represent them in court. If they can’t afford a lawyer, they face an unfamiliar system with unfamiliar laws and an unfamiliar language by themselves.

Because the family members they sought to rejoin may also not have legal status, there is often no one to visit the asylum seekers. Trained CLUE congregation members travel in groups or on their own to visit and talk with these asylum seekers, to provide a listening ear and an understanding heart.

Immigration News

400 USCIS Workers in Laguna Niguel are Threatened

URGE THE DIRECTORS TO STOP THE LAYOFFS At the intersection of immigration and economic justice sits the US Citizenship and Immigration California Service Center in Laguna Niguel. Right now, the Department of Homeland Security is preparing to close that office and lay off 400 employees, many of whom have been working there for decades. Highly

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Mosawi Family Update – June 2024

UPDATE: PROGRESS TOWARD WELCOMING AN AFGHAN REFUGEE FAMILY! We are excited to share an update from the volunteer team that has applied to the State Department’s Welcome Corps (WC) program to reunite the Mosawis, an Afghan family that CLUE has been assisting in our migrant outreach mission. CLUE learned of this family when the father

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Welcoming Mauritanians to Bell

After release from Adelanto Detention Center in Summer 2023, 19 Mauritanian asylum seekers alight at Grace Lutheran Church in Bell. Learn about their journey and CLUE’s efforts to support immigrants like them.

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CLUE Prepares for More Migrant Support in 2024

During the past month, CLUE and the LA Welcomes Collective have continued to anticipate and prepare for the buses expected to bring migrants to Los Angeles from Texas.  Fortunately, Texas has not put busloads of people in harm’s way during the recent storms and flooding, and fewer crossings have been reported at the border during

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LA Welcomes Collective: A CLUE Partnership with the Good People of Los Angeles

Let’s begin with an acknowledgement that people who live in safe communities, with some modicum of economic sufficiency, do not choose to leave their homes, social structures, cultures, friends and family, and undertake difficult and possibly dangerous journeys to a new country. 

Yet war, starvation, violence and natural disasters are driving millions of people around the world to do this now, desperately seeking a safer, better life for themselves and their families.

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Muchos Autobuses, Mucha Necesidad

El LA Welcomes Collective ha dado la bienvenida a 14 autobuses llenos de migrantes enviados desde Texas.

Mientras que el gobernador de Texas no proporciona ninguna advertencia o apoyo, el LA Welcomes Collective ofrece compasión, humanidad y una bienvenida amistosa.

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So Many Buses, So Much Need

The LA Welcomes Collective has now welcomed in 14 busloads of migrant families sent from Texas.

While the Texas governor provides no warning or support, the LA Welcomes Collective offers compassion, humanity and a friendly greeting.

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LA Welcomes Collective

Los Angeles has seen an influx of asylum seekers from Texas since mid-June, with six busloads arriving. The most recent bus, which arrived on July 13, 2023, brought twenty-six people from Venezuela, Mexico, Honduras, and Peru, with over a third of them being children and teenagers aged 17 and under. These arrivals are part of

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Victory for People Detained at Adelanto Detention Center!

Federal Judge Rejects GEO Group’s Attempt to Dismiss Toxic Tort Lawsuit Adelanto, CA – On Thursday, July 6, 2023, a Federal Court denied The GEO Group (“GEO”)’s Motion to Dismiss in Ronduen et al. vs. The Geo Group, Inc. The lawsuit, filed in March 2023, was brought by seven individuals on behalf of themselves and more than

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Migration with Dignity and Compassion after Title 42

Join CLUE in welcoming asylum seekers and migrants at the southern border In the wake of the end of Title 42, CLUE has ramped up efforts to welcome asylum seekers and immigrants at our southern border with dignity and compassion. Yesterday, more than 40 migrants arrived in Los Angeles after a traumatic journey from Texas in an

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Press Conference

A press conference was held in March 2023 to bring awareness to formerly detained immigrants leading the fight for justice against the GEO Group and the Adelanto Immigration Detention Center. This prison has a horrific history of abuse and inhumanity; by conducting a press event with the Social Justice Legal Foundation. HDQ Neutral was used as

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Immigration Update September 2021

Join us for a prayer vigil and car rally for citizenship. Support a welcome fair for unaccompanied children and their families. Plus news from the Shut Down Adelanto Coalitions

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