CLUE and LA Welcomes Collective: Another Challenge for 2024

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By Liz Bar-El, CLUE Justice LAWC Communications Liaison

2023 was a challenging yet inspiring year for CLUE, supporting Angeleno’s struggles for fair compensation in an increasingly unaffordable environment AND still welcoming those who are joining us as migrants leaving even more desperate situations to seek a better life here.

As 2024 begins, CLUE continues to be an active and supportive partner in the LA Welcomes Collective.

During the last quarter of 2023, CLUE’s partner congregations from LA and Orange County stepped up in a big way, donating lots of new toys that have been a particularly bright spot for the children arriving at Union Station after 30+ hour bus rides from Texas. 

Children who enter the LAWC reception site, exhausted with downcast eyes, are soon smiling as they draw pictures with their new crayons and coloring books, build Playdough creations, hug their stuffed animals, race their toy cars around the floor and admire new dolls and Barbies. They carefully put the toys in the backpacks they receive at LAWC to keep them as their journey continues.

Between one-third and one-half of the passengers on buses received by LAWC are children.

Often there are babies under two years old.  At this time, due to your generosity, we have a good inventory of toys.

Our partners at CARECEN, who provide case management for those that remain in Los Angeles (many choose other locations where family or sponsors await), have now identified another urgent need – for specific baby items that are inconsistently provided by partner organizations.  These items include: infant formula, baby bottles, car seats and strollers.

So, we at CLUE are starting 2024 with a new request to help our migrant families!  If you have toy drives in progress – Great! We will need them! Please contact us to arrange delivery as soon as possible. 

If you are starting up a new collection effort, we would appreciate if you could ask for the following:

  • Baby formula, liquid or powdered, in all size packages
  • Baby bottles, (new, sealed)
  • Car seats and booster seats, either new or in good condition (clean and with all parts intact)
  • Strollers, either new or clean and in good working order.  Smaller, lighter strollers are best at this time, but any stroller we receive will be treasured by our migrant parents

We can do this!

Thank you again to all who made our toy collection so successful in 2023 and thank you in advance for considering helping us with this next challenge.  Please email Liz Bar-El, LA Welcomes Collective Communications Liaison at [email protected] for more information and to arrange deliveries.