So Many Buses, So Much Need


A busload of asylum seekers arrives from Brownsville, Texas, at St. Anthony’s Croatian Catholic Church in July. Another bus from Texas arrived at Union Station on Saturday morning. (Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times)

The LA Welcomes Collective has now welcomed in 14 busloads of migrants sent from Texas. While the Texas governor provides no warning or support, the LA Welcomes Collective offers compassion, humanity and a friendly greeting.

What Welcome Looks Like

When they arrive at Union Station, after a bus ride that often exceeds 20 hours, sometimes with no food and no ability to leave the bus during the journey, we work to restore their humanity and trust, providing services, advice, transportation, housing and, more immediately, a warm breakfast, toiletry and baby supplies and toys to entertain the children while their parents sort out travel to their destination.


After 14 buses, supplies are running low. The toys that are handed out at the welcome venue light up children’s faces and get them smiling through their exhaustion and trauma. You can help by doing either of the following:

Your congregation can do a Toy Drive. Collect toys and contact CLUE to arrange pick-up/delivery to reach the Collective partners who are storing the supplies. Email Liz Bar-El for more information.

Toys should be:

  • New only + small and easy to take with them.
  • Active, creative toys are especially appreciated. For instance, play dough pots, coloring books and crayons/markers or other simple art supplies, stuffed animals, dolls, building blocks
  • Baby toys are also needed!
  • Toys for older kids, such as: diverse dolls, building blocks; small backgammon or Chinese checker sets, etc.