February 2024 – Sacred Solidarity Scoreboard in the Hospitality Workers Campaign


ACTION ALERT: We need your help putting public pressure on the City of Santa Monica to investigate the exploitation of unhoused workers brought in to replace striking workers at Le Meridien Delfina; and company retaliation against striking workers at the Viceroy and Le Meridien Delfina.

Since Spring of 2023, faith leaders and community members have been accompanying hospitality workers across Southern California in their struggle to be able to live where they work and to help build healthier communities for all of us.

As we move through February 2024, we want to share some great news and the continued struggle.

See our January Scoreboard for victories 1-29!

A Powerful Action to Begin the Season of Lent

Ash Wednesday, clergy and community members from across Los Angeles joined workers for a lunch break and anointed them with ashes: the ashes are a reminder that we will all return to dust; and the anointing a reminder of our common humanity and desire to live and thrive.

This sacred ritual reinforces God’s commitment to justice. It offers courage and encouragement for workers in this months-long struggle. And it makes good on our promise to keep showing up with them until justice is won. [Read More]

Victories #30-34!

Seven months into their labor disputes, 650 workers at another five hotels have settled tentative contracts with owners. The new contracts will mean higher wages, better pensions, and increased investments in healthcare.

CLUE continues to accompany workers at many of the remaining two dozen hotels in Los Angeles and Orange Counties.