April 2024 – Sacred Solidarity Scoreboard in the Hospitality Workers Campaign


As we move through April 2024, we want to share some great news and the continued struggle.

See our March solidarity scoreboard for previous month’s victories.

Santa Monica

Workers Parade

On April 12, CLUE members joined hands with hospitality workers at the Santa Monica Workers Parade, standing together in solidarity for justice. This powerful event marked the conclusion of days of dedicated picketing outside the Le Méridien Delfina Santa Monica, all in pursuit of a fair contract agreement. Our commitment to faith and social justice drives us to support the rights and dignity of every worker, ensuring their voices are heard and respected.

Harriette Ellis Worker Justice Seder

On April 18, we partnered with Temple Israel Long Beach to welcome people of all faiths to share the story of Passover and its parallels to the plight of workers today who are seeking an end to injustice in their workplaces.

The Seder was a profound gathering that transcended mere recounting of history. We delved deep into the traditional Passover story, reflecting on the Jewish people’s exodus from oppression in ancient Egypt, and connected it to the current struggles for justice and equity.

We shared stories of contemporary workers from various sectors—grocery, hotel, and airport staff—fighting for living wages, sufficient staffing, and better healthcare. Their battles against exploitation echo the cries for liberation that we remember from the Passover narrative.

Victories #34-41!

This month, we had 7 more wins!

More than 10,000 workers at 52 hotels have struck 170 times since contracts expired July 1, 2023 — making it now the largest strike in the history of the nation’s hospitality industry.