Our Mission

As CLUE, we educate, organize, and mobilize the faith community to accompany workers and their families in their struggle for good jobs, dignity, and justice. 

The Power of Our Advocacy

CLUE works as a coalition of diverse congregations with a progressive agenda around workers’ rights and issues of economic justice. Clergy and lay people involved in this work occupy a very specific place within the larger social justice landscape, and they bring the following unique gifts to the struggle:

Religious Constituency: Places of worship are social centers for large and diverse communities. In privileged areas, they provide a space for families to come together in worship. In poor neighborhoods, religious congregations are among few functioning institutions.
Call to Humanity: Faith communities call people of all races, occupations, and identities together to consider their place in the world and their responsibilities to each other, including seeking justice for each other. All walks of life, all nations, and all colors cross in pews and pulpits. And when we speak to the outside world, we are rooted in the conviction that faith demands justice always and everywhere.
Inspiration and Support: Workers seeking justice face intimidation, unfair treatment, retaliation and harassment, which rob them of energy. Clergy and lay leaders are expert counselors, chaplains, and allies of people facing oppression. And faith communities have resources to directly help those facing hardship.
Counter-messaging: Employers discourage solidarity between community and workers through messaging that portrays the struggle as a private competition between economic interests. We know better. Workers aren’t just workers – they are friends, neighbors, spouses, children, parents, parishioners. When we speak out for them, we are helping our own and ourselves.

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