Delegation At The Laguna Cliffs Marriott

On July 25, together with UNITE HERE Local 11 and the workers of Laguna Cliffs Marriott, we are demanding a contract with the FIVE PILLARS – a living wage, pensions, healthcare, fair workloads, and union growth. Despite being owned by the University of California Pension Fund, the workers at the hotel currently do not have a pension. It’s time for the University of California leadership to step up and sign the contract.

We delivered letters from Black clergy and community members, the SCLC and the CA State legislators demanding fair work for all and hiring practices that respect all workers.


As workers from some 50 hotels took to the street. The Laguna Cliffs Marriott struck a deal to raise wages, strengthen pensions, and increase investments in healthcare for workers!

If there were a case study on the tactics of nonviolence in organizing for the collective liberation of low-wage workers, this would be it.  All year long, CLUE walked step-by step with workers. Clergy like Rev. Gary Williams above prayed with workers. Held delegations with management. Amplified the voices of workers facing violence and retaliation for demanding what’s theirs. Published open letters that held owners to account. And made phone calls and visits up and down thestate with people who could influence a change of heart.      In the end, workers got what they needed and we could not be happier for them. The Laguna Cliffs Marriott is the fourth hotel to settle with workers since their contracts ended, June 30th.      We are also pleased to share that Loews Hollywood joins thegrowing list of hotels settling contracts that will directly and profoundly improve the plights of workers!      We will continue to accompany UH11 workers on the streets and in delegations until justice is won.