Young Religious Leaders Fellowship Graduation

YRLF-CLUE Fellows Graduate have become Certified Faith-Rooted Organizers! Our talented fellows have successfully completed an intensive summer program and are now certified to make a difference in faith-rooted organizing.

These are what our Young Religious Leaders are saying about spending their summer with CLUE:

I made some many beautiful friends from the other fellows this summer, and that has overall been the most impactful part of the experience. Seeing how fast everyone was able to be comfortable with each other and create a safe space for everyone was truly magical and I’m not sure when I’ll be able to find a space like that again, so props to the staff at CLUE for making a space that allowed that to happen.

Clue has changed my life forever. Because of clue I have friends that I know will last a lifetime. It taught me that I can bring my believes and spirituality wherever i go and in whatever I do.

The most important learning that I take from this experience is the beauty of being behind the scenes. For a long time I was in the front of many movements in different organizations. But with clue I learned the beauty of letting others take the stand in front of the crowd while you take the stand by supporting them and raising their voice.

 “The most impactful aspects of the spiritual reflections were learning about other peoples faith experience and learning about the lives of the other interns. I think that is what bonded us so closely. The reflections allowed a space for us to be vulnerable with each other.

This has been very impactful for my life in the sense that I have started to feel connected to my faith and spirituality again. It has given me a lot to think about and process. I also feel I have gained a good foundation of organizing skills and look forward to sharpening them. “