Mosawi Family Update – June 2024

We are excited to share an update from the volunteer team that has applied to the State Department’s Welcome Corps (WC) program to reunite the Mosawis, an Afghan family that CLUE has been assisting in our migrant outreach mission.

CLUE learned of this family when the father and son came to the US last year to seek asylum and were held in detention in Adelanto and in Texas.  

The WC application would allow the remaining 6 family members, now in a Brazilian refugee camp, to enter the US with Refugee status. 

This is a legal track that provides work permits and a five-year path to citizenship, and any US citizen can apply to sponsor refugees either known or unknown to them. 

In mid-June, Welcome Corps began active review of the team’s Mosawi Reunification application, undertaking security and health checks to certify eligibility and move to the final step – a flight to Los Angeles to be greeted by Sayed, Salar and the whole team!

CLUE has been supporting the team’s fundraising efforts, as Welcome Corps requires them to raise $2,425 per sponsored person in order to complete the process and arrange their travel to Los Angeles.  

The team will use the funds to pay the family’s rent and basic needs for their first three months.  They are 2/3 of the way there, with just under $5,000 still needed.  

If you would like to help, please make a donation to CLUE on-line or by check, with a note to direct the funds for this purpose, or donate on GoFundMe.

With the Biden administration’s recent move to reduce border entry of potential migrants, the State Department is working to highlight the opportunity offered by Welcome Corps to support refugees awaiting legal entry to a new life in the US.  

If you are interested in forming a team to sponsor refugees (either known or not known to you), email our volunteer Liz Bar-El at [email protected] (leader of the Mosawi Reunification WC Team), and she will be happy to help you get started and encourage your efforts!

Please also direct any questions you have about donations for the Mosawis to Liz.

We appreciate your compassion and humanity in helping us to help those who need it so much as world events throw their lives into turmoil.  Thank you.

Solidarity With Immigrant Siblings is Sacred

Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice educates, organizes, and mobilizes religious leaders and community members to walk with our immigrant siblings promoting dignity and respect for every one regardless of documentation status.

We can stand with them, because people like you support an organized and connected interfaith movement for a more just and sacred society.

Support CLUE’s immigration program today and extend an embrace of welcome.