Los Angeles Update September 2021

Chateau Marmont

On August 25th, CLUE joined Unite Here and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference for the Black Women Speak out at Chateau Marmont action. Several key  CLUE faith leaders participated, including Pastor Cue, Fr. Ike Udoh, Pastor William Smart, and Pastor Kelvin Saul, for a conversation about racial equity in the hospitality industry.

CVS Worker Delegation in Los Angeles

Rev. Walter Contreras stands in solidarity with CVS workers

CVS workers are essential and have been on the frontlines of the pandemic, putting their lives at risk to provide for our communities, while CVS and its CEOs have raked in huge profits. CVS made almost $8 billion in profits, and its CEO pulled in a salary of over $36 million in 2020. Negotiations between CVS and its workers have been underway.

On August 31st, CLUE joined UFCW and CVS workers to demand that CVS management show its appreciation for all the hard work and health risks that CVS workers have taken during the pandemic. Instead of recognizing the workers’ sacrifices, CVS is proposing to reduce pay and take away benefits. This is totally unacceptable!

As a speaker during the program, Reverend Walter Contreras represented CLUE and expressed support for the demands of CVS workers, which include:

  • Better wages
  • Improved safety standards
  • Better store and worker security
  • Fair and affordable health care

It’s time for CVS to take care of its workers and the communities that the stores serve.

For information,  please contact Guillermo Torres at [email protected]

Ralph’s Delegation in Los Angeles

On September 8th, CLUE joined UFCW Local 770 for the Ralphs 291 delegation. The employees at this store are running a petition demanding respect and dignity. Unfortunately, the store manager at this location is known to be very disrespectful to employees and yells at them in front of customers to intimidate them. Furthermore, the expectations that have been set by management are unrealistic, and workers are demanding that management stop threatening them with disciplinary action if they don’t meet these standards, especially when they are understaffed. Many, including CLUE faith leaders, signed a petition demanding respect and dignity from management for all workers.

For information,  please contact Guillermo Torres at [email protected]

Black Jewish Justice Alliance (BJJA)- Check the Sheriff

The BJJA is still supporting progressive Justice Reform through the Progressive Justice Reform Coalition with Black Lives Matter LA. For the Check the Sheriff campaign, we are now strategizing presenting legislation that would give the BOS powers to reign in the Sheriff. We have also been raising awareness to the issue of deputy gangs in the Sheriff’s department. 

Check out Los Angeles Sheriff’s deputies say gangs targeting “young Latinos” operate within department. Also, this youtube video (The Murderous Police Gangs of Los Angeles) of a short film done by journalist Cerise Castle on deputy gangs has garnered over 400,000 views and over 6,000 comments. 

For information, please email Faith-rooted organizer, Pastor Cue, [email protected]

Reclaim Black LA

Reclaim Black LA led by CLUE’s Faith-rooted organizer, Pastor Cue, and BLM is an attempt to move unhoused Black folks into city owned property (this coalition meets every Wednesday at 11am and includes: Clue, BLM, LA Can, PSL, Tenants Union, and The Church Without Walls. 

Reclaim Black LA has been doing outreach for several months in the Chesterfield Square Park area. Just last Saturday our team did an outreach at one of the homes of one of the residents who live in the community. 

For information, please email Faith-rooted organizer, Pastor Cue, [email protected]