LA Welcomes Collective

Los Angeles has seen an influx of asylum seekers from Texas since mid-June, with six busloads arriving. The most recent bus, which arrived on July 13, 2023, brought twenty-six people from Venezuela, Mexico, Honduras, and Peru, with over a third of them being children and teenagers aged 17 and under. These arrivals are part of an initiative by Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbot to send migrants to Democratic-led states. As the number of buses coming from Texas increases, local immigrant advocates are highlighting the need for resources to help these newcomers. In response, the L.A. Welcomes Collective, a group of local non-profits, has stepped up to provide assistance, including daily necessities and legal advice. Notable figures involved in this effort include Guillermo Torres, Immigration Director at Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice, and Alvaro Huerta, Director of Litigation and Advocacy at the Immigrant Defender Law Center. The community is coming together to support these asylum seekers in their journey to a better life.