Support Legislation to Help Asylum Seekers Become Self Sufficient Faster

CLUE is proud to be part of a coalition that is now actively campaigning to urge Congress to pass the Asylum Seeker Work Authorization Act (H.R. 1325), which reduces the wait time for asylum seekers to obtain a work permit from 180 days to just 30. 

This legislation would address a critical broken piece of the immigration system that now forces asylum seekers to languish and depend on charity to subsist in communities filled with “Help Wanted” signs in windows. 

When they are allowed to work, asylum seekers generate billions of dollars of tax money to the federal government every year.

Local economies would also greatly benefit – for each 1,000 newcomers, state & local tax revenues increase by $2.5 million annually, according to @ImmResearchIRI.

Most people understand that the proposed bill is good for everyone.  In fact, a recent @DataProgress polling found that 62% of voters support removing the 6-month waiting period for asylum seekers to obtain work permits.

It’s time to #LetAsylumSeekersWork.