Faith Leaders Form a Prayer Caravan on Century Boulevard

Rev. Gary Williams (St. Mark United Methodist Church Los Angeles) blesses a worker at the Hyatt Regency.

When workers at eight hotels near LAX headed out on strike on July 10, 2023, faith leaders mobilized a Prayer Caravan to support them. They struck to protest poverty wages and a dearth of benefits that rob them of opportunity to contribute to their families and communities in a meaningful way. All workers deserve to earn enough to live where they work and participate in the lives of children and communities.

Deacon Robert Vazquez of St. John Chrysostom Catholic Church in Inglewood, has been walking with low-wage workers and immigrants for more than a decade. In the photo above, he prayed with a worker at the Hyatt Regency.

Reflecting on why he he participated in the caravan, he said: “It is a blessing to stand with those who stand up for their families and their right to just wages, respect, and safe working conditions.”

Rev. Gary Williams offered a blessing to the workers at the Sheraton Four Points LAX. Rev. Gary is co-chair of CLUE’s board of directors and was an integral part of the campaign to support workers at the Chateau Marmont when they were organizing to form a union.

A Blessing for the Workers at the Four Points Sheraton LAX

“God of peace, bless all who work for peace and justice. We ask you to take care of the workers and surround them with your light. And we ask you to touch the hearts and minds of management and ownership that they will be moved to negotiate a just and fair wage. So that every worker can live in Los Angeles, support their families, and have good working conditions.”

– Rev. Gary Williams

Clergy and community members and rising religious leaders from CLUE’s Young Religious Leaders Fellowship program traveled from hotel to hotel, picketing with workers and hearing their stories.

Workers at LAX area hotels returned to work on Friday, July 14, 2023 and negotiations for a new contract continued on July 18th. CLUE will continue to stand with workers until justice is won.