Boycott Fairmont Miramar, Hotel Maya, and Laguna Cliffs Marriott!

Hotel workers at the Hotel Maya in Long BeachLaguna Cliffs Marriott in Dana Point, and Fairmont Miramar in Santa Monica officially called for a boycott of the three hotels because of management’s use or condoning of violence during the largest hotel strike in at least 50 years.

A boycott signifies a call for the public to join the workers’ fight in a new way: to not “eat, sleep, or meet” at the three hotels. Organizations and individuals can uplift and spread the word about the boycott by signing the pledge – CLICK HERE!

These are testimonies of workers who suffered violence while exercising their right to strike:

“I was punched in the face while peacefully protesting for a living wage, and hotel security and management not only did nothing to stop the violence, but actually participated in it by trying to forcibly relocate our picket line using a chain link fence. I don’t have health insurance and now on top of worrying about my bills, I have to figure out how to pay my medical expenses,” said Carlos Cheverri Canalés. “I ask the public to not spend a single penny at the Hotel Maya until they commit to paying a fair wage and ending violence against strikers.”

“For 38 years I have welcomed guests into Santa Monica, but the moment I stood up for a better life for me and my family, security tackled me to the ground while we were trying to establish a picket line in front of the hotel.” said German Martinez, dishwasher at Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows in Santa Monica. “My legs and arms may be bruised, but my will to keep going is not. That’s why I am calling for a boycott.”

While picketing, Emilse Pineda was punched in the head by a guest at the Laguna Cliffs Marriott Dana Point. “I was in shock as the punch came out of the blue,” recalls the housekeeper. “I reported the incident to hotel security, but they did nothing to help identify the man or remove him. I felt almost drunk and woozy and had headaches over the next several days. The day after the punch, I passed out and the paramedics were called. As far as I know, the hotel has done nothing about this incident.”


During the month of November, our faith and community leaders in Long Beach delivered a CLUE letter to the @hotelmaya Human Resources Director. This letter includes all the findings from our Long Beach Truth Commission Hearing on the violent attack against Hotel Maya workers during the strike on August 5th. Since the violence occurred, the hotel hasn’t done anything to acknowledge the incident. We urged @hotelmaya to:

– Publicly denounce all violence against its workers and help identify the perpetrators of the violent attacks

– Reiterate the hotel’s commitment to respect freedom of speech, free from the threat of violence

– Apologize to its workers for the violence that occurred at the workplace and make amends by paying the medical bills

of the injured workers and rehiring him.

– Lastly, sign a fair agreement that respects and signifies its workers

The letter was signed by all eight truth commissioners from the hearing, including Long Beach Councilmember @robertouranga, State @senatorgonzalez’s District Director @begail21, @onlinewithzoe, Romeo Hebron, Rev. Dave Clark, Rev. Steven Neal, Rev. Osie Leon Wood, and Dr. Gary Hytrek. We are committed to walking with @hotelmaya workers in their fight for dignity, safety, and justice in the workplace.