Los Angeles

LA Welcomes Collective: A CLUE Partnership with the Good People of Los Angeles

30 October 2023

Let’s begin with an acknowledgement that people who live in safe communities, with some modicum of economic sufficiency, do not choose to leave their homes, social structures, cultures, friends and family, and undertake difficult and possibly dangerous journeys to a new country. 

Yet war, starvation, violence and natural disasters are driving millions of people around the world to do this now, desperately seeking a safer, better life for themselves and their families.

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Muchos Autobuses, Mucha Necesidad

20 September 2023

El LA Welcomes Collective ha dado la bienvenida a 14 autobuses llenos de migrantes enviados desde Texas.

Mientras que el gobernador de Texas no proporciona ninguna advertencia o apoyo, el LA Welcomes Collective ofrece compasión, humanidad y una bienvenida amistosa.

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So Many Buses, So Much Need

12 September 2023

The LA Welcomes Collective has now welcomed in 14 busloads of migrant families sent from Texas.

While the Texas governor provides no warning or support, the LA Welcomes Collective offers compassion, humanity and a friendly greeting.

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LA Welcomes Collective

23 July 2023

Los Angeles has seen an influx of asylum seekers from Texas since mid-June, with six busloads arriving. The most recent bus, which arrived on July 13, 2023, brought twenty-six people from Venezuela, Mexico, Honduras, and Peru, with over a third of them being children and teenagers aged 17 and under. These arrivals are part of

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Join us for Giants of Justice!

2 August 2022

Join us for an inspiring breakfast and awards ceremony that celebrates the transformative power of solidarity and raises much needed funds to fuel an organized, connected, interfaith movement for justice!

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