Hospitality Worker Emergency Hardship Fund

COVID has left thousands of workers unemployed and underemployed

You can help them make ends meet.

Contribute to the Hospitality Worker Emergency Hardship Fund

The COVID-19 Crisis has struck hospitality industry workers with great force.  Many have had their hours reduced, and tens and thousands of workers have been laid off, leaving many low-wage workers wondering how they will make ends meet.

This includes workers in hotels, stadiums, amusement parks, universities, airport concessions, catering companies, and airline food kitchens. Not all workers are eligible to apply for unemployment – and many immigrant workers who are especially vulnerable have very few allies to turn to for relief. 

CLUE has spent two and half decades advocating at the frontlines of change for working families in Los Angeles County and Orange County. One of our longest and most enduring partnerships in this fight has been with UNITE HERE Local 11, the hospitality worker union.

The courageous campaigns and struggles of hotel and food service workers have won enormous victories for our whole community – from workplace changes to living wage legislation that improves the lives of workers far beyond the hospitality industry.

We have stood side by side, in intimate solidarity as together we, along with other unions and community partners, seek to build the beloved community and a just economy for all people. 

Today, our sisters and brothers in the hospitality industry are hurting in deep and real ways, and we call on you once again to stand shoulder to shoulder as we seek to share the burden.

CLUE is proud to host this Emergency Hospitality Worker Hardship Fund. We encourage you to give as generously as you are able to this Fund which will assist hospitality workers and their families who are unable to access unemployment.