Black and Brown Clergy and Community Coalition

Black and Latinx Pastors Working Together

The Black/Brown Clergy/Community Coalition (BBCCC), builds a common advocacy agenda for African American and Latinx pastors in Southern California. 

BBCCC Goals:

  • Ensuring healthcare for all
  • Building a larger, fairer economy
  • Ending homelessness and pushing for affordable housing
  • Defeating laws that over-police low-income people and people of color
  • Protecting union rights and the labor movement 
  • Ending police violence in our communities
  • Working for true immigration reform

Check the Sheriff

On July 15th, 2020 a coalition of religious leaders, unions, and community partners representing tens of thousands of Angelenos presented a letter to the LA County Sheriff’s Department to demand the resignation of Sheriff Alex Villanueva.

A Larger, Fairer Economy

  • Truth Commission Appeals to Santa Monica City Council, City Manager and City Attorney

    On the heels of a powerful Santa Monica Truth Commission where stories of violence, exploitation, and retaliation at Santa Monica hotels were lifted up, 13 commissioners and Truth Commission hosts called upon the City Councilmembers, City Attorney, and City Manager to to investigate allegations of physical violence against striking hotel workers, demand an end to

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Our Resources

Spiritual Wellspring gathering offers sustenance in trying times.

On November 20, 2023, we gathered to partake from a rich spiritual wellspring in this demanding season.  CLUE members near and far heard from Christian, Muslim, Buddhist and Jewish faith leaders about the teachings and practices that sustain them in these trying time. Thank you to our guest speakers: Rev. Jennifer Gutierrez, CLUE’s Executed director

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In Solidarity With Hotel and Hospitality Workers

Los Angeles and Santa Monica CLUE leaders continued to take leadership and show solidarity with hotel and hospitality workers in various inspiring ways! By the end of the month, four hotels, the Westin Bonaventure, Millennium Biltmore, Loews Hollywood, and Laguna Cliffs Marriott, had reached a contract agreement with the union. Still, the fight for transformative

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LA Welcomes Collective: A CLUE Partnership with the Good People of Los Angeles

Let’s begin with an acknowledgement that people who live in safe communities, with some modicum of economic sufficiency, do not choose to leave their homes, social structures, cultures, friends and family, and undertake difficult and possibly dangerous journeys to a new country. 

Yet war, starvation, violence and natural disasters are driving millions of people around the world to do this now, desperately seeking a safer, better life for themselves and their families.

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