Black and Brown Clergy and Community Coalition

Black and Latinx Pastors Working Together

The Black/Brown Clergy/Community Coalition (BBCCC), builds a common advocacy agenda for African American and Latinx pastors in Southern California. 

BBCCC Goals:

  • Ensuring healthcare for all
  • Building a larger, fairer economy
  • Ending homelessness and pushing for affordable housing
  • Defeating laws that over-police low-income people and people of color
  • Protecting union rights and the labor movement 
  • Ending police violence in our communities
  • Working for true immigration reform

Check the Sheriff

On July 15th, 2020 a coalition of religious leaders, unions, and community partners representing tens of thousands of Angelenos presented a letter to the LA County Sheriff’s Department to demand the resignation of Sheriff Alex Villanueva.

A Larger, Fairer Economy

Our Resources

Join us for Giants of Justice!

Join us for an inspiring breakfast and awards ceremony that celebrates the transformative power of solidarity and raises much needed funds to fuel an organized, connected, interfaith movement for justice!

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Sign On then Join Us for Memorial Day Gun Violence Vigil

Monday, May 30, 2022 10 a.m. to noon
200 N. Spring S. Los Angeles CA 90012 (City Hall West)
Where Do We Go From Here?
On Memorial Day May 30, 2022, 10am-12pm, the Clergy & Laity United for Economic Justice (CLUE), SCLC, BEND THE ARC along with Clergy 4 Black Lives & NAACP-SFV and Black Jewish Justice Alliance (BJJA) will hold an Ecumenical and Interfaith community vigil to Honor the Lives of the souls lost at the recent Buffalo, Laguna Woods & Uvalde shootings and to remember in reverence all victims of white supremacist ideology and violence.

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Join us for Architects of Justice!

Join us for an inspiring evening to benefit CLUE and fuel the organized, connected interfaith movement of justice in Orange County. Early Bird Tickets are available for a limited time only. Plus sponsorships and tribute ads for honorees Kingspan Light & Air Workers, Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange, and special guest Rev. James M. Lawson Jr.

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April 2022 Email Digest

During the worst of the COVID pandemic, our sisters and brothers who work in the grocery chains kept the shelves stocked, worked as cashiers, and staffed the deli and meat counters. In short, they helped us get our food. They did this at real risk to their own health. Some of them died.

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