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What We Do

Take a closer look at the work CLUE-LA does for economic justice:

The religious community brings three essential assets to the broad-based collaborations which advance economic justice.

  • Our Religious Constituency: Churches, mosques, temples, and places of worship are centers of some of the world’s biggest communities. In affluent areas, families come together in worship. In depressed areas, we are often the only functioning institutions. We call people of all races, occupations, and identities together to consider their places in the world and their responsibilities to each other. All walks of life, all nations, and all colors cross in the pews and pulpits.
  • Inspiration and Support: Workers seeking justice face intimidation, unjust treatment, and harassment on and off the job. They can grow weary and afraid. As in every conflict, we can serve as counselors, chaplains, and friends. Also, faith communities have ways to provide direct assistance to workers and families facing unemployment and hardship.
  • Community: Corporations effectively discourage community involvement by portraying the struggle as a private competition between economic interests. We know better. Workers aren’t just workers – they are friends, neighbors, spouses, children, parents, parishoners. A good job affects a person’s life and relationship with others everywhere. Our faith calls us to love our neighbors and seek justice for each other – in the workplace and every space in our lives. When CLUE-LA speaks, we speak with the conviction that faith demands justice always and everywhere.