CLUE organizers work with committees from diverse churches, congregations, mosques and synagogues, organized by region or issue, to advance social justice goals around the needs of workers, immigrants, and vulnerable residents. This work may take the form of protests, picket lines, training sessions, delegation visits to politicians/agencies, and other actions aligning with campaigns conducted by our union and community group partners.

CLUE's work is:

  • Anchored in coalitions. We believe that success in making ours a fairer, more inclusive society comes from allying with like-minded groups and then persuading the larger, non-aligned public of the urgency and justice of our cause. Coalitions are, by their nature, inclusive, and that is a basic tenet of our work.

  • Grounded in non-violence. The foundation of our work is non-violent action. We believe violence, the tool of a coercive state, achieves only short-term results. Violent change only breeds more violence, and in the end convinces no one. We aim for a sustainable society that benefits the widest possible number of people, and we believe only non-violent action can get us there. Non-violence does not mean no conflict. Our goals conflict with those of people who would disenfranchise workers, immigrants and vulnerable families. But we know we don't have to use violence to achieve our dreams.

  • Rooted in faith. Faith is a powerful force in moving people to work toward a common goal, and it has the advantage of working both with our intellect and our hearts. Other faith-based organizations in Southern California work for a progressive agenda, but CLUE is the only one that uses a unique, homegrown, tested organizing model that is rooted in faith.

Want to join us?

Email [email protected] with your city/region and interests.


Below are some past campaigns in which CLUE has participated:

Hospitality Workers

Grocery Workers

Port Workers

Immigrant Workers

Below are some coalitions of which CLUE is a member:

Black/Brown Clergy Community Coalition

Black/Jewish Justice Alliance


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