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    Take Action

    Here's how you can get involved.

    1. Stay Informed
      Check out our website, Facebook and Youtube pages regularly to find out about our current campaigns or sign up to receive our bimonthly newsletter.
    2. Be a Part of Worker Actions
      To support workers and organizing campaigns, CLUE organizes prayer vigils, rallies and delegations. We encourage you to attend these events, not only to use the opportunity to learn more about the work we do, but also to support the fight for worker rights.
    3. Join Our Emergency Response Network
      As a part of this network, we will contact you when immediate action is needed to oppose worker injustices. Our Emergency Response Network has been very successful in advocating for workers in delicate situations. By making a phone call to management on behalf of a worker unjustly fired because of his or her involvement with a union, you can help advocate for worker justice.
    4.  Join a Campaign Committee
      We currently have four committees that focus on local labor disputes in Santa Monica,  Long Beach, West LA and near LAX. Please contact our office to learn more about our committees and opportunities to join us.
    5.  Participate in a Young Leaders Project Internship
      CLUE is constantly looking for young students to train to organize. We will be soon announcing the details for this summer! Contact us if you are interested in an internship.
    6. Donate Money
      You can make an online donation or send a check to 464 Lucas Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90017. CLUE is a non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible.
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    As clergy in the Los Angeles community we are deeply committed to quality public education for the children of our city.

    We unequivocally support the right of professional educators at Alliance College-Ready Public Schools to organize a union.

    In a city profoundly impacted by economic and racial inequality our public schools challenge these injustices by providing the best education possible for our youth, ensuring opportunity for all.

    As the largest charter operator in Los Angeles with over 11,000 students and 26 schools, Alliance has a major role in addressing this challenge. 

    Much of Alliance’s success is attributable to the team of committed and accomplished teachers at the Alliance schools.  Good teachers and school counselors play a central role in the success of a school, yet their ability to provide quality education depends on the support and resources that they receive to do their job.   Teachers require a collaborative working environment that encourages them to bring their skills and passions to bear on the intellectual and social growth of our children.

    Alliance teachers have stated that they believe joining the United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA) will assure their ability to deliver the education our students and their parents deserve.  They want to have a collective voice in order to be more effective advocates for our children, with confidence that their voice will be heard, their jobs secure.   

    They want an environment which provides for genuine due process for professional educators to assure that Alliance can attract and retain the best teachers available.

    We are calling on you to listen to your teachers and to respect their fundamental right to organize a union.

    We ask you to give them the space and opportunity to do so without management coercion, influence, or interference, and come to an agreement with Alliance teachers for a fair and neutral process to organize their union. 

    We encourage you to welcome this effort as a sign of the commitment of the teachers to their students, schools and their profession.

    Every faith tradition affirms the central role of educating our youth, and many cultures venerate teachers as the architects of future generations.  It is in that spirit that we stand ready to assist in any way in this process. Please feel free to contact us.


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