Fellowships & Internships

CLUE has opportunities for young people of faith who want to find a meaningful way to engage with society and work toward long-lasting and just change. We believe young people are the ones who carry forward the fundamental work of organizations like CLUE, and we cultivate opportunities for them to train and explore careers in this field.

Young Religious Leaders Fellowships

The Young Religious Leaders Fellowships are part of a summer program to develop and support the next generation of faith-rooted organizers in social justice. College and seminary students and graduates learn about faith-rooted organizing, a model of social transformation centered on faith that promotes government policies to protect the vulnerable and lift workers and their families into the middle class.

Semester Internships

Student interns from universities and gap year programs make up a vital part of our CLUE team. Interns participate in semester-long experiences and receive real-world experience and real responsibility. CLUE staffers become mentors to these interns, guiding their development as young community leaders and helping them explore their interest in building a just and sacred society.

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