Black/Brown Clergy/Community Coalition


The Black/Brown Clergy/Community Coalition (BBCCC), initially a project of CLUE: Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice as the Black-Brown Clergy Coalition (BBCC) in 2008, builds a common advocacy agenda for African American and Latino pastors in Los Angeles County. During the Obama presidency, we worked primarily on immigrant rights and restorative justice concerns along with worker justice campaigns such as Walmart and a project to respond to the growing crisis of food deserts in our communities. On April 29th, 2010, thousands of Black and Latino evangelicals prayed and marched from a predominantly Hispanic evangelical church, Restauración-Los Ángeles, to West Angeles Church of God in Christ, with prayers for immigration reform, access to more healthful foods, and an end to the violence that has decimated communities of color for decades.

In late 2016, CLUE partnered with SEIU Local 721 to rebuild this network of religious leaders, adding community advocates to the mix. In light of recent political developments, we need partnership between Black and Latino communities like never before, to stem the tide of repression and intolerance that has risen across this country. We are grateful for the partnership and recognition of the dire need for us to be heard by SEIU. They are a befitting partner, as they understand that union rights are another of the many human rights that the current regime has targeted for annihilation. We will work together to:

  • Ensure healthcare for all
  • Build a larger, fairer local economy built upon good jobs
  • Address the affordable housing crisis and homelessness
  • Decriminalize the vast array of policies which disproportionately impact low income people
  • Protect union rights and the labor movement as a whole
  • Demand restorative justice and a diminution of police-related violence
  • Create Comprehensive Immigration Reform that recognizes the humanity of immigrants and their contributions to our society
  • and so much more.

Through monthly meetings, we expect to have a real measurable impact on the cultural and communal landscape, not to mention ensuring that our voices are heard as political leaders make decisions that impact our communities. Join us!



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