Black/Brown Clergy/Community Coalition

The Black/Brown Clergy/Community Coalition (BBCCC), builds a common advocacy agenda for African American and Latino pastors in Southern California. On April 29, 2010, thousands of Black and Latino evangelicals marched from a Latino evangelical church, Restauración-Los Ángeles, to West Angeles Church of God in Christ. They prayed for immigration reform and an end to the violence that has decimated communities of color for decades.

In 2016, CLUE partnered with SEIU Local 721 to rebuild this network of religious leaders, adding community advocates to the mix. Black and Latino communities have to work together to stem the rising national tide of repression and intolerance.

Our goals are:

  • Ensuring healthcare for all
  • Building a larger, fairer local economy
  • Ending homelessness and pushing for affordable housing
  • Defeating laws that over-police the poor and people of color
  • Protecting union rights and the labor movement 
  • Ending police violence in our communities
  • Working for a real immigration solution


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