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2020 #CLUEVOTES kick off video

CLUE's immigration work during COVID-19


CLUE lifts of low-wage workers courageously facing the pandemic


Pastor Cue Jn-Marie reflects on CLUE's work for racial justice at Giants of Justice 2020


After interviewing more than a dozen people of faith at the Los Angeles Women's March (1/21/17), we just have one question left: what divide between faith and feminism?


A January 2017 training, sponsored by Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice and hosted by the Islamic Center of Southern California, details the basic rights of those working for the protection of immigrants facing the threat of deportation.


CLUE at Twenty: 1996-2016

Interviews with Clergy and Laity working for Economic Justice

Father Estrada of Our Lady, Queen of Angels Catholic Church discusses how his faith and faith traditions have led him to support the cause of economic justice. 

Sister Mary Jean Ferry, from the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, tells how her love for God led her to be arrested at a labor protest in 2006.

Rabbi Leonard Beerman shares how growing up during the Great Depression, working with GM during WWII, and Jewish Tradition have inspired him to work towards economic justice.


Reverend Matthew Colwell, of Knox Presbyterian Church of Pasadena, shares how the Wandering in the Wilderness, the Gospel of Mark, and the Sabbath inspire him to work for economic justice.

Pastor Brenda LaMothe, of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, shares how a denomination rooted in social injustice now fights alongside those of all faith backgrounds for economic justice.


Frank Alton, Pastor at Immanuel Presbyterian Church, discusses how his past experiences in Colombia and Mexico, as well as his understanding of oppression in the Old Testament have led to his involvement and work in economic justice.

A Summer of El Super (2014)

CLUE is proud to stand beside workers for El Super, as they fight for their right to a fair contract and better working rights.

LAX Contract Demonstration (2014)

CLUE stood beside workers at LAX as they struggled and fought for fair contract negotiations.

Carwash Press Conference (2012)

Reverend Erin Tamayo shares a prayer of celebration and gratitude for the Bonus Carwash Victory.

Rabbi Commess-Daniels, of Beth Shir Shalom in Santa Monica, expresses a faith-based congratulatory message of Mazel Tov for the Carwash Victory at Bonus Carwash- the very first union carwash in the nation.

Pomona College Ash Wednesday (2012)

Dr. Jose Calderon leads a moving prayer for hope amidst the struggle for immigrant worker rights at Pomona College, followed by a beautiful rendition of De Colores- a traditional song of unity used by Cesar Chavez and farmworkers throughout the US.

Father Peter O' Reilly welcomes the students, workers, and community members to the Ash Wednesday Vigil at Pomona College. During this vigil, community members received ashes as a symbol of their commitment to the struggle for workers rights at Pomona College.

Anti-Foreclosure Action (2012)

Rabbi Jonathan Klein at a rally to support Art de Los Santos and his family, as well as many other families who are facing foreclosure. We must demand more accountability from big banks, Freddie Mac, and the government.

Hyatt Workers' Rights (2012)

Pastor Bridie Roberts speaks out against Hyatt for the high rate of worker injuries on International Women's Day.

Kathy Younglood, a worker for Hyatt, speaks out about the struggle for equal rights, and inspires all to unite.

CLUE Los Angeles in favor of LA Westside Metro Extension (2012)

Religious leaders speak about the need for the westside extension and the hope that extension represents for the communities and families throughout Los Angeles.

Religious leaders and community members speak in favor of the westside extension, especially the Constellation/ Avenue of the Stars stop. The extension of this stop would allow for families and communities to benefit through more transportation opportunities in addition to more time spent with loved ones at home.

Stations Casino Workers (2012)

Workers from Stations Casino began a 7 day religious fast in order to demand a fair process to decide upon whether or not to join a union. These workers have much support from the Las Vegas community include clergy members throughout the city.

Norma, a worker for Stations Casino, explains why she organizes: for a better future for her children. She is one of the 13 workers who joined this fast to work for economic justice.

A blessing and prayer for those partaking of the fast for fair treatment, followed by the Station Casinos ignorant actions towards a petition signed by the majority of workers a month prior.

LAX Workers (2012)

Many workers at LAX are on a hunger strike to call attention to the health and safety problems that workers face working at LAX.

Clergy members Reverend Sandie Richards and Shakeel Syed of the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California offer prayer and blessings for the workers at LAX during the May Day action.

Santa Monica Carwashero Lawsuit (2012)

Labor leaders, immigrant rights advocates and members of the faith community gather together to support workers who are standing up for justice in the carwash industry.

CLUE LA on Fox 11 (2011)

Rabbi Jonathan Klein, Executive Director of CLUE Los Angeles, and Shakeel Syed, Board Chair of CLUE Los Angeles, discuss CLUE's role in Los Angeles, Faith-Rooted Organizing, and CLUE's unique contribution to the struggle towards Economic Justice.

Occupy LA (2009)

Coalition of Immokalee Workers' Elena Stein at the Just Sukkah at Occupy LA.

Workers from the CIW spoke of the struggles of tomato pickers and their fights with Trader Joe's. Trader Joe's had refused to sign the CIW Fair Food Agreement to give one cent more per pound of tomatoes picked.

National Farm Worker Ministry Vigil (2009)

National Farm Worker Ministry sponsored a vigil for the 15 farmworkers who have died on California fields since 2004. CLUE teams up with United Farm Workers and National Farm Worker Ministry to pray for those who have died due to harsh working conditions.

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