[KMEX TV34] Marchan desde Los Ángeles a la frontera para recibir "con los brazos abiertos" a la caravana de migrantes



Mientras algunos centroamericanos que venían en el 'viacrucis' de Pueblo Sin Fronteras que inició a finales de marzo ya comenzaron a llegar a Tijuana para solicitar asilo político, un grupo de activistas de California marcha durante esta semana hacia la frontera mexicana para recibirlos, llevarles asistencia legal y "mostrar una cara diferente" de EEUU.

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[KMEX TV34] Con protestas en Santa Clarita, exigen respuestas del Congreso sobre el futuro de DACA

Federaciones afiliadas a la red PICO organizan una serie de manifestaciones interreligiosos desde este martes hasta el próximo 8 de marzo para presionar al Congreso, que no ha dado solución permanente a la situación migratoria de miles de dreamers amaparados bajo este programa.

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[The Signal] Protesters demand Knight give them a “DREAM Act Now”


Dozens of protesters gathered outside of Congressman Steve Knight’s Santa Clarita office with demands for a “Dream Act now.”

L.A. Voice, a chapter of the Pico National Network, grabbed signs, megaphones and their voices to bring their message and demands for continuing the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA.

The protest comes the day after DACA expired, ending a nearly six-year executive action to protect immigrants who entered the country as minors to receive a two year deferred action from being deported.


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[Los Angeles Times] Disneyland's workers are undervalued, disrespected and underpaid


Mickey Mouse appears during the lighting of "It's a Small World" ride, decorated for the holiday season on Nov. 12, 2015 at Disneyland in Anaheim. (Los Angeles Times)


Disneyland is famously promoted as the "happiest place on earth." But for many of the theme park's 30,000 employees, it isn't the happiest place to work. That's what we discovered after spending a year talking with Disneyland workers and conducting a survey of about 5,000 "cast members," as the company refers to its employees.

Since 2000, Disneyland's attendance (more than 27 million in 2016), daily ticket prices ($117 most days of the year for anyone over the age of 10) and revenues (more than $3 billion) have increased, but during that period, its employees' pay has dropped 15% in real dollars.

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[Cronkite News] ICE enforces an immigration sweep in Los Angeles

(Cronkite News LA/Arizona PBS interviewed Rabbi Aryeh Cohen of CLUE on February 28, 2018 in the wake of ICE raids in Los Angeles in which about 200 people were arrested. Reporter Micah Bledsoe did the report. The interview begins at 1:37.)

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