Westside Subway Extension

CLUE-LA Supports Metro-Westside Extension at Public Hearing

Two years ago, CLUE LA embarked on a campaign to mobilize support for the Westside Subway Extension. This is a new effort to support public transit development, and partner with the Building Trades, which is suffering between 40-60% unemployment in the construction industry.

We see the subway as a vital development that will create an alternative for the 300,000 people who travel to and from the Westside everyday. We envision of a stronger, more just Los Angeles, and support efficient and affordable transportation, which will improve lives for working people; we know that faster commutes would allow more time for workers to eat dinner with their families, help their children with their homework, or kiss them goodnight in the evening. The subway will help jumpstart our city’s recovery by creating thousands of good jobs. The Westside extension alone is forecasted to create 44,800 jobs, and the Project Labor Agreement will ensure that 40% of the hours worked on the project will be done by those who live in economically disadvantaged communities. This development will raise thousands out of poverty.

Our work has been to raise the community’s voice in support of the development, and reframe the discourse around public transit to be about greater equity, access and job creation. Labor and business are united in support of this development through our coalition, We Do Our Part LA. Our partners include Building Trades Council, LA Area Chamber of Commerce, JMB Realty, Teamsters Joint Council 42, and SEIU 1877. Together, our coalition is ensuring that the subway won’t get derailed again.

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