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The working conditions of Long Beach and Los Angeles port truck drivers and warehouse workers present a huge justice issue. Unconscionably, most ports truck drivers are misclassified as “independent contractors," which excludes them basic legal protections, imposes serious financial constraints, and cheats the government out of payroll taxes. Trucking companies commit wage theft by unfairly deducting job expenses from drivers' paychecks and denying thousands of misclassified drivers from workers' compensation, unemployment insurance, health insurance, disability insurance, minimum wage protections, and lunch and rest breaks. CLUE leaders have joined drivers in a number of large-scale, port-wide strikes that includes picket lines at company truck yards, consumer warehouses and distribution centers, and marine terminals.  


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  • Join our Campaign Committee — If you're a clergy member or lay leader in the Long Beach area, help create sustainable change by joining our regional committee! (Contact Grecia)
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