Los Angeles International Airport 

In 2009, CLUE joined a coalition of community and labor partners to ensure passage of a critical health care amendment to the Los Angeles Living Wage ordinance. The amendment increased wages so that thousands of service workers including janitors, skycaps, baggage handlers, aircraft cabin cleaners and security personnel could pay for affordable health care. Now, three years later, the industry is still broken and the promise given by the Living Wage is failing LAX workers.

Thousands of subcontracted workers, serving major airlines, risked the productive years of their lives in unhealthy and unsafe working conditions, faced unfair labor practices, and intimidation when they attempted to freely organize. However, in 2014, CLUE joined in celebration with approximately 2,000 LAX airport workers, who were represented by the SEIU-United Service Workers West, in obtaining a new contract, which protected their hard-earned wages and health care coverage. CLUE's LAX Inglewood committee continues to stand in solidarity with Flying Food workers and other catering workers that prepare food for airline passengers. 

The community forming around the LAX workers to stand up for rights and equality in the workplace.

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