Hotel workers have a 40% higher injury rate than all service sector workers, and out of all hotel workers, housekeepers experience the highest injury rates. Housekeepers are pressured to present pristine quality as well as substantial quantity in a limited amount of time that often results in workers not taking breaks and working off the clock to meet their quotas. Hotel workers have also reported that sexual harassment from guests is routinely not addressed by hotels.

Long Beach

CLUE has been an active participant in the Long Beach Coalition for Good Jobs and a Healthy Community, in partnership with Long Beach Clergy and Faith Community, LAANE, UNITE HERE Local 11 and several local congregations. For three years, our campaign shined a light on working conditions at community-boycotted hotels. During this time, we met multiple times with management, shared workers’ stories from the pulpits of local churches, and held a Stations of the Cross to highlight the cross-bearing and often devastating health effects of their jobs.

Get Involved

  • Commit to patronizing only union hotels with good labor policies, and whenever you stay at a hotel, ask the concierge if the hotel has a relationship with a labor union.
  • Remember to show kindness and respect to hospitality staff when you travel, and tip room attendants $5 for each day
  • Sign a petition in support of an ordinance that would provide basic protections to workers.
  • Contact your area organizer to learn how to put your time and talents into this work
  • DONATE today to empower our continued involvement with hotel workers


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