El Super,  Walmart, and the "Big Three"


El Super

United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) grocery workers at the El Super chain have been negotiating adequate paid sick leave, guaranteed 40-hour work weeks for full-time employees, seniority rights, and fair wages, which will enable workers to provide for their families and reduce their reliance on public assistance. However, their contract expired on September 27, 2013. In response, in March 2014, the bargaining committee presented the El Super company with over 8,000 cards signed by customers, including CLUE clergy and leaders, who support the workers’ demands for a fair contract. Due to the fact that El Super refuses to give their workers a fair contract, on December 20, 2014, UFCW and El Super members called for a boycott. 

Since then, El Super has repeatedly broken the law and will stand trail before the National Labor Relations Board Region 21 for:

  • Terminating a union leader and bargaining team member who exercised his rights
  • CEO Carlos A. Smith threatening and interrogating union members
  • Arbitrarily changing its vacation policy, costing union members money
  • Refusing to negotiate in good faith with unionized El Super workers

The workers, community leaders from CLUE, and other social justice groups have demonstrated rallies in front of the El Super stores in solidarity with workers, and will continue the fight for a fair contract.


Get Involved 

  • Shop at stores stores with fair labor practices, such as union grocery stores. Treat workers with courtesy and respect, and engage them in conversation about their working conditions. 
  • Contact Jonathan at to learn how to give your time and talents in support of El Super workers.
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Walmart workers have been standing up and speaking out for better wages and working conditions in Walmart by joining an Organization United for Respect called OUR Walmart. Even though it is the largest private employer in the world making 16 billion in profits, Walmart still pays hundreds of thousands of its workers less than 25,000 a year and many have resorted to using food stamps and Medicaid. With the help and support of UFCW (United Food and Commercial Workers), CLUE leaders have joined OUR Walmart workers in the struggle for justice at Walmart by participating and leading in countless actions, petitions, worker delegations, religious rituals in the streets (blessings, prayers, anointings...) and even the ultimate challenge of getting arrested in civil disobedience to work to make change at Walmart.



Get Involved

  • Talk to your congregation about this issue.
  • Commit to supporting stores with worker-friendly policies.
  • Contact Grecia Reyes at to learn how you can give your time and talents in support of Walmart workers.
  • DONATE to empower us to continue supporting this campaign today!

Big Three Grocery

Several years ago, CLUE was honored to join the workers of Vons, Ralphs, and Albertsons as they demonstrated their right to organize during a particularly difficult round of contract negotiations. Workers' brave contributions were fruitful; they now work under industry-standard-setting contracts and often appear at demonstrations in solidarity with other grocery store workers (such as El Super employees) who are asserting their own right to collective bargaining for the first time. 


Get Involved

  • Commit to supporting grocery stores with fair labor policies, such as union grocery stores.

  • When you shop, remember to treat your grocery store workers with dignity and respect.

  • Support the maintenance of high labor standards in this industry by supporting unionization at more stores, such as El Super. 

  • DONATE today to empower us to continue supporting grocery store workers.

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