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Millennium Reinforcing is a concrete reinforcing contractor based in San Clemente, CA. The company primarily installs rebar on privately-funded projects like apartment buildings and hotels all over Southern California. These workers do one of the most physically taxing and dangerous jobs in the construction industry, which involves carrying and placing hundreds of pounds of steel on their backs each day in dangerous situations.

 In June 2012, several workers at Millennium Reinforcing went on strike because of the mistreatment, disregard, and indifference the company had shown them and their co-workers. The workers testify that they were not paid overtime, were forced to work 14-hour days, paid substandard wages, lacked safety training, and suffered unsanitary conditions and verbal abuse. The workers also testify that the company forced them to sign a document falsely stating they received their breaks and lunches and that they only worked five days per week at 8 hours a day.

Since then, workers continue to stand up in protest against conditions at Millennium. Workers have reported and continue to report injuries on the job and supervisors’ lack of proper attention to those injuries. At the same time, Millennium has been cited for multiple OSHA violations, including failure to use proper fall protection and failure to provide potable water at jobsites.

The Millennium workers have been speaking out about their issues by taking the message to developers, contractors, and the public. They have received a generous outpouring of support in California from faith and community organizations. Even members of the Southern California business community have shown concern for the safety and livelihood of the concrete reinforcing workers who build our cities. 

CLUE leaders continue to stand with Millennium workers, asking developers not to utilize this company until labor practices change. 



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CLUE’s commitment to good jobs in Los Angeles extends to opportunities to raise city revenues to support the city’s public sector workers. Digital billboards are potential revenue generators for Los Angeles, just as they are in other municipalities, creating millions of dollars to support city services. And with a Project Labor Agreement between several of the lead sign companies and Building Trades, the erecting of digital billboards and the accompanying dismantling of static billboards (each sign that goes up will also lead to the reduction of non-digital signs) will provide good jobs for union workers.

Every major city has this source of city revenues; let’s ensure that Los Angeles benefits from these signs as well.


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When new building projects approach the city for permits, councilmembers and the community have an opportunity to demand community benefits before allowing the project to move forward. These Community Benefits Agreements (CBA's) are a reliable way to raise labor standards and ensure local and diverse hiring, which checks the pace of gentrification in our communities. 

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