Setting a Course: 300 Clergy & Community Leaders Gather to Answer the question, "What's Next?"


Last Sunday, CLUE and other groups hosted a progressive gathering in response to the election of Donald Trump. Facilitators included former LA Councilwoman Jackie Goldberg, Rabbi Jonathan Klein (Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice), Pastor Kelvin Sauls (Holman UMC Church), Kim McGill (Youth Justice Coalition), Pastor William D. Smart Jr. (SCLC-SC), Betty Hung (Asian Americans Advancing Justice-LA), and Rev. James Lawson.

The audience named 80 issues at stake after the election results, including:

  • DACA for immigrants
  • Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)
  • The Environmental Protection Agency
  • The Iran deal
  • Public sector unions
  • Unions in general
  • Women's rights, of all kinds
  • LGBTQ rights
  • and on and on and on

However, the audience also named 86 strategies for meeting these threats, including:

  • Trainings & teach-ins
  • Embodied activism - demonstrations, marches
  • Strategic contact with representatives
  • A new sanctuary movement for immigrants, Muslims
  • Donations to specific organizations
  • Leverage tech and communications
  • Leverage human networks: lawyers, artists, therapists
  • Dialogue and sister cities with conservative parts of the country
  • 2017/18 Campaign Focus
  • and on and on and on

This massive brainstorming session produced new levels of awareness and creativity, an important first step in our progressive resistance to this new administration. Future events will give priority to the most pressing issues, with a focus on mobilizing our communities for action.

To participate in future events, write to Include your name, contact info for others who should be invited into this work, what you would like to contribute, and the best way to reach you.

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