CLUE Opposes LGBT Discrimination

Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice (CLUE), called to the task of sacred resistance to inhumane policies that serve to divide our communities,  reiterates our commitment to a religious foundational principle that all human beings are imbued with what many consider divine attributes and thus of infinite worth and dignity. If any specific set of people are attacked then this diminishes what many of our faiths view as the image of God. At this challenging time, we are called to proclaim that we stand with LGBTQI people and their allies. Any denial of their human rights is an attack against the image of God in all of us. 

While the current administration attempts to roll back the protection and the rights that the LGBTQI community has won over the past decades, CLUE will stand in its way, engaging in sacred resistance and demanding not only that current law be observed—that LGBTQI persons not be discriminated against in housing, employment, public accommodations, government services—but we will continue to demand that the law be as expansive as possible so that LGBTQI people and their unique gifts be completely honored as a sacred part of the human fabric that they inherently are.

The Hebrew Bible teaches that the original person, created out of the earth/adamah, was created in the image of God and called Adam. This original being, by Divine ordinance, is the source of all humanity, reflecting as humanity grew the infinite facets of God’s image. All of us are descendants of the original being, and thus we celebrate all these facets. “For You are the source of life, by Your light do we see light.” (Psalms 36:10)


CLUE Board of Directors
Rabbi Dr. Aryeh Cohen
Rev. Jim Conn
Rabbi Stephen Einstein
Esperanza Fonseca
The Rev. Francisco Garcia
Father Mike Gutierrez
Rev. Sarah Halverson-Cano
Betty Hung, Esq
Rev. Stephanie Jaeger, Ph.D
Glynndana Shevlin
Rev. William D. Smart, Jr
Mary Stancavage
Bishop Mary Anne Swenson
Rev. Heidi Worthen-Gamble
Richard Zaldivar

Rabbi Jonathan Klein, Executive Director

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