Restorative Justice in Santa Ana Schools


I have the privilege of representing CLUE as a member of the Restorative Justice Workgroup of Santa Ana Building Healthy Communities. Restorative Justice is all about healing relationships after a person’s actions lead to harm. In Santa Ana, the Workgroup is focused on reducing the school-to-prison pipeline, exploring solutions to the criminalization of youth, and creating community support for positive choices.

Three years ago, schools in vulnerable California neighborhoods began benefiting from a more equitable funding system. This system required each district to develop concrete accountability plans to address their students' needs. RJW immediately recognized the opportunity for long-term impact by influencing some ambitious goals for this plan.  We worked to make sure it included full implementation of school-wide positive behavior interventions and support with according to Restorative Justice principles:

  • The creation of a School Climate Committee

  • Setting a clear role for police and probation to reduce arrests and excessive force and to end all deportations

  • Bullying prevention policy and training

This is great news, but we also know the work is far from complete. This year we are working hard to secure:

  • School Climate Committee accountability and transparency

  • Meaningful implementation of Restorative Practices in all schools district-wide

We would love it if you could join us in this work! Santa Ana’s RJW will be hosting Community Building Circles every other Monday night beginning October 10th.This is a restorative practice that builds trust, relationship, and restoration of community.We will meet at 6 o’clock at The Corbin Center, 2215 W McFadden Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92704.  

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