Policy Watch: Three Progressive State Senate Bills Advance


Pressing our elected officials to enact better public policy on our behalf is not always easy. Yet CLUE's San Fernando Valley committee recognized that several proposed state senate bills would strongly effect the workers and residents in their jurisdiction. That's why they, along with other CLUE members, have recently made public policy a priority. They've educated themselves and others, and then met with their elected officials to share their concerns.

We're thrilled to report that three of the bills which have been under our San Fernando Valley Committee's watch have advanced to our State Assembly floor.

SB1015 - Domestic Work Employees Labor Standards has made it out of Assembly Appropriations!  This means it will be on the floor of the State Assembly very soon.  It was a straight party vote, with Democrats all supporting it, Republicans unified in opposition.  Congratulations to the Pilipino Workers Center, CHIRLA, and others who have been working on it!  The vote in the CA Assembly will be in the next few weeks, then off to the Governor's Desk for his signature! 

UPDATE: SB1015 passed Assembly vote and is on Gov. Brown's desk waiting to be signed into law!

About The Bill: Existing law, the Domestic Worker Bill of Rights, regulates the hours of work of domestic work employees who are personal attendants and provides an overtime compensation rate for those employees. The Domestic Worker Bill of Rights defines terms for its purposes and requires the Governor to convene a committee to study and report to the Governor on the effects of its provisions on personal attendants and their employers. Existing law repeals The Domestic Worker Bill of Rights as of January 1, 2017.    This bill would delete the repeal date. By extending the effect of the Domestic Worker Bill of Rights, the violation of which is a misdemeanor, this bill would expand the definition of a crime, which would impose a state-mandated local program.

SB 1143 Juvenile Room Confinement has made it out of Assembly Appropriations as well! This is great news!  The vote was unanimous; does not seem like a partisan issue at all.

About The Bill: This bill would, commencing January 1, 2018, place restrictions on the use of room confinement of minors or wards who are confined in a juvenile facility, as specified. The bill would require the performance of room confinement to be conducted in accordance with specified guidelines. By increasing the duties of local entities in connection with local juvenile facilities, the bill would impose a state-mandated local program

SB1289 Law Enforcement: Immigration has made it out of Assembly Appropriations as well!  Again, a partisan vote, as to whether California should be investing in detention centers or not.

About the Bill: Existing law authorizes a county board of supervisors on behalf of its sheriff, and a legislative body of a city on behalf of its chief of police, to contract to provide supplemental law enforcement services to private individuals, private entities, and private corporations in specified circumstances and subject to certain conditions. This bill would prohibit a city, county, or a city and county, or a local law enforcement agency from entering into or renewing a contract, or modifying a contract to extend the length of the contract, with a private corporation, contractor, or vendor to detain immigrants in civil immigration proceedings for profit.


As these three bills advance to our State Assembly floor, it's more important than ever that we contact our elected officials to speak on their behalf.  Please use this tool to identify and connect with your state representative via phone, mail, and email. Speak personally, out of your faith convictions when applicable, regarding your concerns. 

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