Measure M Will Keep Us Moving


Measure M is an important LA County-wide traffic improvement plan that will ease congestion. Measure M's half-cent sales tax increase will fund our Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) to:

  • expand rail and rapid transit systems 
  • repave local streets
  • repair potholes 
  • synchronize signals
  • retrofit transport bridges
  • and more

Measure M will make public transit more accessible, convenient, and affordable. This is great news for all of us, but it's especially critical to low-wage workers and students who commute, seniors, and the disabled. It will provide accountability and transparency to protect and monitor public investments. The funding will take place over 40 years, supporting long-term projects that will move us into the future.

CLUE supports this measure, with an understanding that it is a net good, even with a couple of caveats:

  • CLUE does NOT normally support sales tax increases, recognizing that they are somewhat inherently regressive in nature ($.50 for the poor hurts more than $.50 for the wealthy).  However, most of the critically important needs of the working poor--food, rent, medicine--are exempt from sales tax altogether.  Moreover, the strengthened transportation grid that it creates will also disproportionately impact the working poor, many of who rely on public transportation and need more efficient ways to get to and from their homes, ultimately ensuring more time with their families.
  • CLUE recognizes that some communities feel deep frustration that MTA has built above ground in some areas, subterranean elsewhere, which has had a negative impact for some communities.  We call on the MTA to move all future projects forward with a deeper commitment to maintaining the community integrity that is so critical for the vibrancy of our multiculturalism and our rich legacy as a land of diverse identities.

CLUE recommends YES on Measure M because it will create great infrastructure jobs, help workers get home to their families faster, reduce pollution, and generate local economic benefits. Please join us in voting YES on M!

Photo Credit Prayitno, Flickr

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