Statement on Immigration Executive Orders

A Statement From CLUE

Regarding President Trump's

Executive Orders on Immigration

Ratified by the CLUE Board, January 26th, 2017

Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice reiterates our fervent belief that this country must be a haven for those escaping violence and crushing poverty. Immigrants should not suffer discrimination based on their citizenship status. Families should be protected, not broken up by a failed immigration system built upon fear of the Other.

We hold as sacred the image of Abraham’s tent open to all four directions as a sign of hospitality, sacred shelter and refuge. We applaud the City and County of Los Angeles in taking steps to not cooperate with Federal immigration enforcement agencies, the City of Santa Ana for legislating their identity as a Sanctuary City, and the State of California for vowing to not cooperate with the federal government on issues which undermine the rights of Californians. Southern Californians of all faiths and no faith demand that scarce federal resources be used to house and clothe our people, to build schools and highways, to create a vibrant infrastructure and not be wasted on a foolish “Trump Wall” with Mexico. We commend state legislators for introducing SB-54 (De Leon, The California Values Act, to prevent CA resources for funding federal enforcement), SB-30 (Lara, to require a vote to build the wall in California), SB-29 (Lara, to prohibit contracting for privately-run detention centers), and SB-6 (Hueso, to fund immigrant legal services for deportation proceedings), all measures which honor the inherent worth and dignity of immigrants in our land of immigrants.

Our greatness will be judged by how just we are as a society, not by how many peoples we have antagonized, or countries we have demeaned. If we are to make America great, we must follow the words of the prophet Isaiah: “Zion will be redeemed with justice” (1:27). Opposition to bigotry is a holy act, and as a faith community, we will continue to practice sacred resistance whenever necessary.

CLUE Board of Directors
CLUE_Standard_Logo_-_High_Quality.jpgRev. Norman Copeland, Board Chair
Robert A. Branch
Rabbi Dr. Aryeh Cohen
Rev. Jim Conn
Rabbi Stephen Einstein
Esperanza Fonseca
The Rev. Francisco Garcia
Father Mike Gutierrez
Rev. Sarah Halverson-Cano
Betty Hung, Esq
Rev. Stephanie Jaeger, Ph.D
Glynndana Shevlin
Rev. William D. Smart, Jr
Mary Stancavage
Bishop Mary Anne Swenson
Rev. Heidi Worthen-Gamble
Richard Zaldivar

Rabbi Jonathan Klein, Executive Director


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