Proposition HHH: Say Yes to Housing, Help, & Hope to End Homelessness


Dear Friends,

I write to urge you to support Proposition HHH, a measure that is critical to ending chronic homelessness in Los Angeles. I have dedicated my career to building economic and social justice issues, primarily in the area of housing. Our neighbors and our neighborhoods are suffering today and we have a chance to act. We know that supportive housing for people with chronic health and mental health conditions helps to permanently end homelessness in their lives and that's why I am proud to support Prop. HHH. I hope you'll joining me in turning to the very end of the ballot and voting Yes.

Proposition HHH is a cost-effective approach to building the housing we need to end chronic homelessness in Los Angeles. It will produce at least 10,000 units of Permanent Supportive Housing, which is the right solution for homeless people with chronic and mental health conditions. When you vote YES on Prop. HHH on November 8, you are saying YES to:

  • $1.2 billion in funding for safe, clean housing specifically designed for our homeless neighbors
  • Access to mental health, health services, drug and alcohol treatment
  • Access to job training, counseling, and other crucial services
  • Competitive funding process, strict oversight and independent audits

More on the Mechanics: Measure HHH was proposed by Mayor Eric Garcetti and Los Angeles City Council as part of the City’s strategic long-term plan to end homelessness. The bond measure requires a 67% vote to pass. In addition to allocating 80% of funds to housing for chronically homeless people, 20% is allocated to affordable housing construction which will provide housing to veterans, seniors, survivors of domestic violence and their children, and foster youth. The debt of the bond will be paid off by a property tax on both residential and commercial units.

I urge you to vote, and vote YES on HHH, on November 8th!



Stephanie Klasky-Gamer

President & CEO of LA Family Housing


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