CLUE Guide to Housing Bills

In California, housing issues have reached a crisis level. The California Department of Housing and Community Development reports on some of the key issues currently facing housing justice for Californians:

  • During the last ten years, housing production averaged fewer than 80,000 new homes each year-- less than half of  the projected need of 180,000 additional homes annually.

  • More than 3 million households  pay more than 30 percent of their income toward rent, and more than 1.5 million households pay more than 50 percent of their income toward rent.

  • Overall homeownership rates are at their lowest since the 1940s.

  • California is home to 12 percent of the nation’s population, but a disproportionate 22 percent of the nation’s homeless population.

  • For California’s vulnerable populations, discrimination and inadequate accommodations for people with disabilities are worsening housing cost and affordability challenges.

In addition, KPCC reports that Los Angeles and surrounding areas report that day-laborers and immigrants now make up a hidden population of individuals who can no longer afford housing.


Housing justice is Economic Justice.

As CLUE, we educate, organize, and mobilize the faith community to accompany workers and their families in their struggle for good jobs, dignity, and justice. A large part of obtaining such dignity and justice is the ability to obtain, afford, and sustain a healthy living environment which allows individuals and families to thrive. We all long for safety, community and social engagement. Housing justice seeks to provide this for all.


Bills That Could Help:

CLUE is currently watching many different bills that may address the housing crisis in different ways. We are eager not only to get them passed in legislature, but to show such overwhelming public support that they can’t be easily vetoed by the governor-- as has happened to promising bills in the past! Here are our top 7 priorities:

  • AB-291 - The Immigrant Tenant Protection Act (Preventing Discrimination)

          STATUS: Passed Assembly; Senate Vote This Week

  • AB-686 - CA AFFH Obligation (Preventing Discrimination)

          STATUS: Passed Assembly; Stuck In Senate (No Further Readings Scheduled)

          GET INVOLVED: Call your State Senator to voice your support today!

  • AB-1505 - An act to overturn the Palmer Decision, and allow inclusionary zoning rules for rental units (Increasing Access to Affordable Housing)

          STATUS: Passed Assembly! Senate vote this week!

  • AB-1506 - Residential Rent Control: Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act (Increasing Access to Affordable Housing) -

          STATUS: Put on hold for the rest of the year in response to pressure from landlords and builders

          GET INVOLVED: Call your Assemblymember to voice your support today!

  • AB-982 - To Amend the Ellis Act (Protecting Tenants Rights) -

          STATUS: Potentially Stuck In Assembly!

          GET INVOLVED: Call your Assemblymember to voice your support today!

  • SB-2 – The Building Homes and Jobs Act (Increasing Funding for Affordable Housing)

          STATUS: In Senate, vote this week!

  • AB-71 - The Bring California Home Act (Increasing Funding for Affordable Housing)

          STATUS: In Assembly, vote this week!


Click here to see the full spreadsheet on the housing policies which CLUE is highlighting and pushing for this bill cycle.

While we will update the sheet periodically, it is always best to check California Legislative Information to find the current status of the bill before making calls in support. If it is in the Assembly, then only call your Assembly member, if it is in the Senate, only call your Senate representative.

Thank you for your engagement with this critical issue! Your phone calls are vital to the process of passing a bill. Asking friends to join you can truly multiply the impact of your advocacy, so please share these instructions with others.


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