CLUE Guide to the CA Values Act (SB 54)

What is the California Values Act?

    SB-54 is a piece of legislation that will aid in CLUE’s Sacred Resistance and Sanctuary work. SB-54 will protect the safety and well-being of all Californians through prohibiting state and local resources from being used to fund mass deportations which lead to family separation and weakening California’s economy. It responds to the current federal public statements to increase deportation by making it a top priority. SB-54 is therefore seen as a necessary and urgent response to the current statements made at the federal level.  

    SB-54 will provide the necessary protections for individuals at risk for mass deportation through ensuring that local and state law enforcement not engage with or communicate directly with immigration enforcement (such as ICE). It will also ensure that California schools, health facilities, places of worship and courthouses will remain safe and accessible to all Californians regardless of current immigration status.

What will happen when it becomes law?

    All Californians will be able to feel safe and protected by their local and state law enforcement regardless of immigration status. Those who are undocumented, or are in close relation to those who are undocumented, can feel comfortable with seeking safety and assistance from local resources, especially their local police. The mass deportation rates are also expected to decrease, as there will be a lack of communication between local and state law enforcement data and ICE data. For example, individual who is arrested for a misdemeanor will not immediately be released to ICE to be deported but rather will be returned safely to their home or family.

What is the current standing of this act? 

BREAKING: This bill has passed the Assembly Public Safety Committee! Previous to this, it also passed the State Senate. The next step is for a full Assembly vote. Please begin calling your assemblymembers!

What can we do to support it?

  1. Call, write to, or email your local assemblymember and ask them to vote “yes” on SB-54. Explain the urgency of this bill for your own community and how their constituents will directly benefit from this bill during your call/letter. Click here to find your local legislative representative. 

  2. Sign the CREDO  petition in support of SB-54. Click here to sign.  

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