Sending Off a Beloved Organizer

KarinaThis week we say goodbye to Karina, a beloved Orange County organizer focusing on two important campaigns  with UFCW 324 - Cargill in Fullerton and the grocery workers' contract.

When Karina joined CLUE in 2014, she was assigned to Covered California Outreach and Education. As this push came to an end, Karina continued on as a labor organizer. She quickly gained experience and  increased her skill-level in the fast-paced world of organizing.

Karina took the initiative to lead Orange County faith leaders to walk alongside workers in their fight for economic justice. Since then, she has brought faith leaders to the forefront by leading efforts in delegations and coordinating a press conference at Cargill. She has established strong relationships through her commitment and determination to bring transformation for workers and their families. Her strong work ethic is a reflection of Karina's strong dedication and passion for her community.

Though her absence will be felt, we're happy to send Karina off to pursue graduate studies at UC Berkeley. She will be returning to Orange County to lead efforts in a new way.

Karina's Full Bio:

Karina was raised in a small town in the California central valley. At the age of thirteen, she moved with her  family to Sonora, Mexico where she resided for four years. In the pursuit of her educational goals of  obtaining a college degree in the United States and while leaving her parents behind, she moved to  Southern California with the support of family members to finish her senior year of high school. As a first  generation college student, she went on to earn her A.A. degree from Cypress College and will be  transferring to University of California, Berkeley in Fall 2016 for her B.A. in Political Science. Karina plans to  continue on to attend law school and focus on immigration, economic justice, and civil rights issues.

During their time as immigrants in the United States, Karina’s parents worked low-wage jobs in the  construction and restaurant industry. Thus, from an early age, Karina became aware of the many struggles  her family and community were facing, from the fear of deportation, financial hardship, and discrimination.  The sacrifices Karina’s parents made to pursue “The American Dream” and offer her a better life are her primary motivation. Being raised in the rural part of California, experiencing the poverty and political atmosphere in Mexico, and most currently witnessing the struggles of minority communities in the urban setting of Southern California have further strengthened her desire to work to create systematic change.

As a volunteer, Karina taught a course to prepare Legal Permanent Residents for the process to become citizens and motivate them to become civically engaged. She also did door-to-door knocking to educate Anaheim residents about fair representation.

She joined the CLUE family in 2014 and has worked on Covered California Outreach and Education, Santa Ana Building Healthy Communities- Restorative Justice and Equity for All, and Anaheim Electoral Districts.

Several of her hobbies include Zumba, biking, photography, and watching home makeover shows. She has a younger brother who is fourteen year and aspires to become a chef.

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