Catalog of Election Victories

This election, CLUE invited you to vote "from the bottom up," focusing on the local issues that so directly affect our communities. By and large, the outcome of California's down-ballot races were positive and encouraging! While grieving a major loss with the death penalty measures (Prop 62  to abolish it failed; Prop 66 to expedite it succeeded) and a lost opportunity to lower prescription drug prices (Prop 61), we also celebrate the following victories:


  • 51 - YES to universal support to address school infrastructure
  • 52 - YES to fees on hospitals
  • 53 - NO to anti-development, anti-worker measure that will undermine construction
  • 54 - YES to government transparency (with some unclear consequences)
  • 55 - YES to continue progressive income-tax-based funding for schools
  • 56 - YES to generating millions of new dollars to address healthcare needs generated by addictive tobacco
  • 57 - YES to reforms that combat mass incarceration
  • 58 - YES to undoing Proposition 227 (1998!), give access to bilingual education, celebrate our state's diversity
  • 59 - YES to putting CA on record as opposing Citizens United, which has damaged our democracy
  • 63 - YES to Gavin Newsom's commonsense gun legislation to register ammunition and close loopholes for safe neighborhoods
  • 64 - YES to decriminalizing marijuana
  • 65 - NO to curbing plastic bags when we should be eliminating them (Vote Yes on Prop 67 Instead)
  • 67 - YES to a plastic bag ban that will clear up our waterways and roadsides

Los Angeles County

  • A - YES on extending the county income stream to protect our parks
  • M - YES to keeping Los Angeles moving through public transit infrastructure
  • CC - YES to building better community college campuses

Los Angeles City

  • HHH - YES to housing and help for the homeless and at-risk!
  • JJJ - YES to good infrastructure jobs in LA County
  • SSS - YES to better pensions for airport peace officers

Santa Monica City

  • LV - NO to stifling development through NIMBYism
  • GS & GSH - YES to low-income housing funds for Santa Monica 

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