Victory for Domestic and Farm Workers

DomesticWorker.jpgEarlier this week, Governor Jerry Brown signed a historic bill guaranteeing overtime pay to domestic and farm workers. After decades of racially-motivated exclusion from worker protections (the vestiges of a thirties racist US Congress that would not pass worker protections for Black Americans), California is demonstrating its commitment to equity and inclusion!

We were amazed to see the Overtime for Farm Workers bill (AB1066) pass with Gov. Brown's signature-- as major news outlets have eagerly reported, California is the first in the nation to guarantee this basic protection. Though it doesn't take effect until 2019, we eagerly await the day when every farm worker in the state will be afforded the same overtime policies as everyone else. We hope and pray that this bill will set a national precedent. After all, as the hashtag used by UFW and related groups reminds us, "#WeFeedYou"! 

We've been following Domestic Work Employees' Labor Standards (SB1015) especially closely over the last year, tracking and supporting the amazing work of our friends at CA Domestic Workers' Coalition. Their historic victory preserves, clarifies, and enforces the 2013 Domestic Worker's Bill of Rights. It comes just one month after the bill passed California Assembly vote, as we reported in detail in mid-August

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