Black and Brown Lives United: MLK Legacy March


On April 4, 2015, we commemorated the 46th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. Leaders of various faiths, youth, community members, workers, laborers, immigrants, entertainers, and many others participated in the Black and Brown Lives Matter: Martin Luther King Legacy March!

The deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and many others are bearing witness to America that we can no longer remain silent to a criminal justice system that disregards the sacredness of black and brown lives in our communities.  This recent tragic incidents also points out the disparity that exist in our communities of color in relation to economic, education and quality of life made possible by past and present policies.  Lets honor the Martin Luther King legacy of fighting for the dignity of all people and his desire to end poverty through the "People's Campaign" during his final days.

This peaceful protest and vigil was community's way of demanding and end to:

  • Systematic Criminal Justice Bias
  • Mass Incarceration Policies 
  • Income Inequality
  • Low Wages
  • Poverty
  • Immigration Injustice
  • Unjust Laws

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