Ballot Endorsement Summary 2016

The following list summarizes the thought behind all of our positions. To chart our positions with those of other respected labor organizations, click here.


  • 51 - YES to universal support to address school infrastructure
  • 52 - YES to fees on hospitals
  • 53 - NO to anti-development, anti-worker measure that will undermine construction
  • 54 - YES to government transparency (with some unclear consequences)
  • 55 - YES to continue progressive income-tax-based funding for schools
  • 56 - YES to generating millions of new dollars to address healthcare needs generated by addictive tobacco
  • 57 - YES to reforms that combat mass incarceration
  • 58 - YES to undoing Proposition 227 (1998!), give access to bilingual education, celebrate our state's diversity
  • 59 - YES to putting CA on record as opposing Citizens United, which has damaged our democracy
  • 60 - NEUTRAL on adult film regulation
  • 61 - YES to pricing standards for prescription drugs 
  • 62 - YES to abolishing the death penalty
  • 63 - YES to Gavin Newsom's commonsense gun legislation to register ammunition and close loopholes for safe neighborhoods
  • 64 - YES to decriminalizing marijuana
  • 65 - NO to curbing plastic bags when we should be eliminating them (Vote Yes on Prop 67 Instead)
  • 66 - NO to fast-tracking death penalty cases
  • 67 - YES to a plastic bag ban that will clear up our waterways and roadsides

Los Angeles County

  • A - YES on extending the county income stream to protect our parks
  • M - YES to keeping Los Angeles moving through public transit infrastructure

Los Angeles City

  • HHH - YES to housing and help for the homeless and at-risk!
  • JJJ - YES to good infrastructure jobs in LA County
  • RRR - NO POSITION on a complex measure intended to reform the DWP 
  • SSS - YES to better pensions for airport peace officers
  • CC - YES to building better community college campuses

Santa Monica City

  • LV - NO to stifling development through NIMBYism
  • GS & GSH - YES to low-income housing funds for Santa Monica 

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