Reflections on 20 Years In the Struggle

Over the past decade while we have fought for enforce workers' rights, CLUE has been both a leader and an ally. CLUE has consistently taken the lead by pressing community leaders to do the right thing and to remind us why we do the work we do. CLUE's unique ability to bring together workers, community leaders, policymakers and religious leaders has been the difference in so many of these great victories.


Randy Renick, Attorney, Hadsell, Stormer, Renick

At this critical time when our nation is at a crossroads, CLUE is a clarion voice for social justice. CLUE really "walks the talk" in affirming the inherent valueand dignity of every single human being. In its organizing for justice for workers, CLUE brings a moral and spiritual dimension that helps to ground and inspire usin the movement. Especially when we're in tough campaigns and fighting the odds, CLUE helps us to have faith that if we continue to stand up for justice in away that gives voice to our better selves - to not give in to fear or what is politically expedient - that we can create a different world centered in love and our common humanity.
- Betty Hung, Policy Director, Asian Americans Advancing Justice

For years, CLUE and Rabbi Klein have ensured that religious voices have been part of every major policy seeking improvements in the lot of the working poor of this City. On countless occasions, numerous faith leaders have ensured that the moral compass of this city has pointed toward more equity, more kindness, more compassion for the downtrodden. I cannot imagine a Los Angeles without the powerful influence of religious leaders, whose uncompromising commitment to the poor gives them hope and inspires policy makers to keep improving the lives of those in our community. Thank you, CLUE!
Councilmember Paul Koretz, Los Angeles City Council, District 5

CLUE’s Giants of Justice Breakfast introduced me to the multi-faith efforts CLUE is sponsoring to achieve social justice in a whole variety of areas,including especially worker and immigration rights. It is wonderful to see people from multiple faiths and backgrounds coming together for these causes, each strengthened, enlightened, and motivated by his or her own faith tradition to make this a better community and world for all of us.
Rabbi Dr. Elliot Dorff, Ph.D., Rector and Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, American Jewish University

I have spent last semester and this summer, preparing for important changes that I see fit for my university. Myself and a few friends have finalized our list of demands and are just about finished with our research on a few of the demands that we are the most passionate about. We have been gathering allies and hoping for their endless support. Needless to say, the exposure I got last summer changed my life for the better. Thank you for EVERYTHING! You nudging me out of my comfort zone has affected me in ways that I cannot explain, and I am never going back to my life of watching the pain around me with fear of making a difference. Hope everyone in the CLUE world is doing well.
Shanel Alexander, Ziegler Young Religious Leadership Fellow, Summer 2015

My work at CLUE last summer as a Young Religious Leaders' Fellow had a profound and lasting impact on my life. The skills I learned and developed in faith-rooted community organizing not only lead me to success in my work, but also in school and beyond. The ability to work with such a diverse and determined group of people gave me both encouragement and hope for creating sustainable
communities in Los Angeles and beyond. I've even invited some of the people I had the pleasure of working with at CLUE to come speak at my college this past semester.
- Joseph Dov, Ziegler Young Religious Leadership Fellow, Summer 2015

With CLUE’s Black-Jewish Justice Alliance, I was always amazed to be a part of a group that didn't just preach that coming together as a diverse community made us stronger, but proved that through our actions and victories. I never believed that more than watching Max Huntsman, the Inspector General of the LA Sheriff's Department and a swing vote on the County's working group to create a civilian oversight board for the notoriously corrupt LASD, vote in favor of civilian-empowering features of the board that 30 rabbis and pastors had asked him to support in a BJJA meeting the previous week. While there's still work to be done on this issue, seeing our communities come together and get a win was truly inspiring, and speaks to a unique and needed role CLUE and the BJJA play in the LA community... As I've continued my organizing career in Boston, the 1:1s, committee meetings, and actions I worked on with CLUE have shaped my ability to make an impact here.
Ben Poor, Ziegler Summer Fellow, Summer 2014; CLUE staff, 2015; Organizer, J-Street U

CLUE taught me how to organize and work with community leaders, and I continue to do that here in Baltimore around issues of affordable housing, public transportation, and community development...CLUE showed me how people of faith could work together to deeply pursue justice, bringing the vision that they have to problems that otherwise seem unsolvable.
Steve Holt, CLUE Organizer and Summer Fellowship Coordinator, 2006-12

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