Annual Events


CLUE has two annual signature events to honor community leaders who build a just and sacred society and embody our CLUE principles:


Giants of Justice is CLUE's yearly fundraising breakfast that also honors faith and community leaders whose career or work through that year has contributed to CLUE's goal of building a just and sacred society. This celebration is for our partners, supporters, and volunteers who are all in with us in the struggle for economic justice that we undertake with workers, immigrants, communities of color, and those who are persecuted because of their religion. 


Architects of Justice is CLUE's way of honoring and lifting the work of CLUE faith leaders in Orange County. At a time when our ability to accompany workers and their families, people of color, immigrants, and those of persecuted faiths is uniquely challenged, these leaders are at the forefront of our struggle for civil rights and economic justice.


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