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Adelanto Bond Fund

$30,663.00 raised
GOAL: $58,920.00


Support the Adelanto Refugee Bond Fund! 

$3,100 brings a hunger striker home

In June 2017, immigration detainees at the Adelanto Detention Center made headlines when they launched hunger strikes to protest unreasonably high bonds, physical abuse and medical neglect that have led some to attempt suicide. At least three died. Eight Central American detainees and 20 Haitian detainees risked forcible feeding to bring attention to the deplorable conditions at Adelanto.

CLUE stepped up to honor their struggle and to raise money to bond them out so they can return home to their families and use their support networks to find attorneys to represent them. We believe in the immigrants' right to due process, and we know that there have been numerous violations at this private immigration prison. Bonds are high and detention is routine even in asylum cases that are easily verifiable. Without access to resources, the vast majority of asylum seekers are returned to the dangerous conditions they tried to flee when they left their home countries.

When we approached the original eight Central American hunger strikers about raising money to make their bonds, they refused to move forward if we did not also help their Haitian compatriots. So we have been inspired to recreate their solidarity by setting a bond for all of them.

Bond amounts average $15,000, and bail companies generally demand 20 percent to guarantee their loan. Some refugees have family members to help them come up with the fee, but others have no extra help. On average, they each come up short about $2,300 on the bond payment, and they also have to pay an additional $800 "release fee."

Through the bond fund, we help alleviate these detainees' immediate needs while we fight for policy changes that will eventually end immigration detention. Join us in this struggle for dignity and compassion in the treatment of our brothers and sisters from other countries. All of us have been alone and friendless at some time, and any one of us would welcome such help in hard times.

We thank you for your support!

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